My Fascinating Procrastination

Funny, this is my very first blog post and all I came up with is this? Well, there’s probably a good reason behind why and I’m going to discover it too as I move along. I mentioned in my About page that this is my second attempt in creating my blog and that is true. The first one hasn’t been successful because I really don’t know how to put it all up. I just literally signed up, came up with a username and password which I totally forgot afterwards and the rest is history. I know, right? How can it possibly be? But that’s what happened and I’m glad because I won’t be writing this post right now if I got it right the first time.

So, I finally found a way on how to create my own blog. I somehow learned how to do my own research. Thankfully, now I can just write whatever and I love it. I can express things that I don’t usually talk about without worrying if someone would be willing to listen.

Moving on, after creating Applebitsblog, I was so happy viewing the outcome from the menus, widgets, and more when I realized that I really don’t have anything on it at all. When in fact I came up with a lot of ideas and topics to share but then I end up staring to nothing but a blank wall. That’s when I thought, am I procrastinating? Yeah, I think I am.

Then I snapped. There I was thinking of a lot of things. Wherever I go or whatever I’m doing I always see myself planning. Then I still accomplished nothing like those empty pages on my journal. One good example of it is creating my blog. I put all my effort into it and even came up with all these category ideas. After that I can’t even make a paragraph and it’s just so frustrating.

I just remembered, I was thinking about it since last night. I was planning on working on it first thing in the morning until I saw this classic movie and watched it. I made up my mind to work on my blog later on. I was satisfied. I enjoyed watching the movie but when it’s time for me to work on my post I decided to do it on my way to work. It didn’t happen. I again decided to do it on my spare time because I still have an hour before my shift. However, when I reached the building I felt awkward doing other things that doesn’t have anything to do with my job. So I read my care notes instead which is work related.

My shift has ended, I’m so tired. Yet half of my brain was still thinking about my blog. In fact, I’m still thinking about it now even if I’m already doing it and it’s already half past two in the morning. I’m sleepy and still trying my best to let it all out collecting all the details I can get from my half-asleep being. I just hope I won’t get into trouble with my upcoming shift later on.

Going back, I definitely am guilty of procrastination and I think everyone of us sometimes does. I just find it interesting as to how it inspire me to make it my topic. It means a lot since it’s going to be my very first post. It’s just amazing as to how this negative noun gave birth into something positive. Indeed it gave me something to start with and no matter what this post ends up it only proves that sometimes all we need is a start-up to deliver something that might become relevant in the end.


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