My Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Thank You so much for the lives that we have including our families and the ones we love. Thank You for Your forgiveness, guidance, and protection. For so many chances that You’ve given us each time we failed, for all the answered prayers, unlimited blessings and opportunities that we have received, we thank You for all of these things.

Sorry for all the things I’ve done wrong intentionally or not. For all the pain I’ve caused You, my parents, my siblings, my nephews and nieces, my husband and other people too. For all the negative things that came across my mind and all of those bad words that came out of my mouth. For I still mess up with things that I already should know. For I sometimes forgot my purpose and let You down. For I complain to things that don’t really matter. For the promises I failed to keep and for everything I’ve made and have sinned, I’m sorry, please forgive me.

I have more than enough now than before. Even more than what I’ve prayed for. I have a wonderful loving husband every wife would be dreaming to have. We make a very good team and he’s the very best friend I was looking for. We’re blessed with wonderful jobs and we stay in a comfortable unit in a very nice location. We enjoy the beautiful sight of these amazing parks and breathe the perfume scent of those blooming flowers. We live far from our families but we’re grateful knowing that You always keep them safe. These things are more than what I’ve dreamed of and I want to Thank You Lord. You are ever faithful. You’re my most faithful Friend and I am more than blessed to put my trust and confidence in You.

I believe I am now in the beginning of my journey. After all the trials and challenges, You gave me the chance to start again without further judgement but pure hope. I know I can’t do this on my own. I can’t do it alone. So, I humble myself and ask for Your help. Please let me do it right this time with Your guidance and my faith in You. Let my life be born again and make it whole and new.

All I wish for in life are simple things, things that money can’t buy and if the heavens would grant it, we would be grateful for a child. A normal everyday family life. Full of happiness and contentment. Living in a home filled with laughter where we love and accept each other. In each family member we find true friend and a confidant who practice tact and truth. However, if we’re blessed with good friends outside the family then quantity doesn’t matter. A few real ones would do.

I pray to live a full life with no regrets and hate. To be a good wife, a good mother, to serve my family and be a good influence to others that’s who I want to be. I want to add deeper meaning into why I want to live and at the same time fill life with happy memories while I still do exist. I want to bring happiness in all of my loved ones and uplift their spirits especially the young ones who are still molding their lives.

I pray to serve others, inspire them and turn all my negative experiences to an opportunity to help them. Be an example that there’s purpose after every circumstance. That people can be anything who they want to be in-spite and despite of what happened in their lives. That they possess good qualities way better than what they think they have.

I pray to take up Psychology in the future. Take master’s degree and be a doctor. Help others pick up the pieces of themselves. Help them move on, live, and let live.

I pray to put up a charity named after my father in which we can help less fortunate children to study and achieve their future goals and dreams.

I pray to make my mom proud that she raised a good daughter. Remind her that all of her good teachings are never forgotten and I became the person she always prayed for me to be.

I pray to travel the world and collect priceless memories. All of the experiences we do for the very first time and to see the beauty of the world in our very own eyes.

I have so much in mind that I still wanted to do, yet, I know that these are meaningless if they’re not meant for You. So I dedicate them to You. Make me Your servant, that in anything I do it’s only You I please not anyone else and especially not myself. Make all of my intentions pure and guide me all through out.

Nobody knows what the future brings but I put my confidence in You and before I end up with my prayer I entrust us all with You. Please continue to guide and protect us in every step of our way no matter where and what we do.

In Jesus Mighty Name I Pray,




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