Our First Visit to Mt. Coot-ah

It’s very rare for me and my husband to have the same rest day that’s why we’re so happy whenever our shifts are the same. Last Saturday the 5th of December 2015, we had our chance to go to Brisbane.

Before that, I received a call from work asking if I could come to cover the morning shift. I had to say no to be with my husband that day, I know he was longing for it for some time and I don’t want to let him down.

It was nine in the morning when we left home. The sun was bright and shining while we both enjoy a nice conversation in the car. Our first stop was at the nearest gasoline station. My husband filled the gasoline tank while I got myself a cappuccino and two watermelon flavored lollies for each of us.

We left the gasoline station and head back to our destination. There’s nothing more calming than listening to the radio while we enjoy our conversation. We talked about a lot of things like our plans in the future, our families, and where we want to stay in the long run.

Our second stop is in Inala. The famous Asian wet and dry market. There we bought some fresh seafood, meat, fruits, and vegetables. It’s only a thirty minute drive from our destination to Brisbane.

After we had everything we need we bought some ice at Woolworth’s to keep our meat and seafood fresh all day. Then we ate at our favorite Vietnamese Restaurant for lunch. We ordered two noodle soup, fried chicken and some veggies on the side.

It’s a yummy treat! We both enjoyed our food. Our tummy are full and we’re ready to hit the road. We head back to the car, opened the trunk and put the ice together with all the meat and seafood into the ice box. When we’re all set me and my husband went for the drive again.

It didn’t took us long to reach our first stop in Brisbane. We first visited this mall, I forgot what it’s called but we went for a little stroll. I was looking for a gem stone store until this lovely young lady approached us and gave us two small free sachets of hand lotion.

She was so pleasant and was hard to refuse to. She started introducing their beauty products which are very costly.Β She was so nice it became difficult for us to turn her down. However, she ended up buying my husband’s excuse that we need to meet someone and we really have to go.

Because of that our ordinary stroll turned into a refreshing experience. It’s like a breath of fresh air since it was our first time to experience hard selling while strolling inside the mall. We won’t forget her though, we think she’s an Israeli. A very pleasant young lady.

After that, we went for another drive and the challenge was to find a spot where we could park. It took us a dizzy fifteen minutes before we’ve parked.

So, we strolled again. This time my husband bought himself a pair of sandals at Sketcher’s. It was twenty percent off and we’re so happy with the discount. Then I told him I also want to buy a little something for myself before we go home.

We kept on walking until we saw a Gong-cha franchise. We felt so excited because that’s one of our favorite tea drink in the Philippines. We ordered one Lychee Oolong tea for my husband and one Winter-melon tea latte for me. We stayed there until we finished our drinks.

We kept on looking for a gem stone store but we haven’t find one so we ended up looking at Judy’s jewelry shop where they have discounts from twenty to fifty percent off. There I found this tiny extremely thin Korean ring. The owner said it’s the latest fashion design in Korea at present.

It’s a .925 sterling silver ring coated in fourteen carat gold with a tiny ruby stone. It’s so cute! I love it so much! It’s thirty percent off but the owner gave me another three dollar off the price so we can make a deal and I got the ring!

Both me and my husband are happy but before our day ended my husband thought of a place where we could spend few hours to see the sunset and the whole city of Brisbane. From there, we decided to drive straight to Mount Coot-ha.

I took few pictures on our way to the mountain and it’s really something else. It gives a very calming and relaxing feeling as we get closer.

We parked the car a few meters away from the cafe and the restaurant. In between them is a path going down a big patio where we saw people celebrating a wedding. It was perfect for the occasion.

We walked around and took some photos. It won’t take long before the sunset. I felt hungry so we went to the cafe. My husband ordered Chai latte, orange soda, and some wedges for some snack.

We waited for the sunset. So we sat there while we were eating and chatting. There are lots of multi-cultural people coming and as the sun slowly disappears those glittery lights from afar were stealing the scene.

After we finished our food we went uphill where we took our last view. Me and my husband took each other’s photo to capture the scenery behind. Then we had to ask a tourist to take a photo of us together for the last time. It was also our only whole body photo taken that whole time.

It was time for us to go home but the memories we had there for the first time will remain in us as we go along and we’re definitely coming back soon!




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