Sleepy Sausage

I woke up with a sleepy head
did the same routine
grabbed the pan
cooked some eggs
and breakfast is ready.

I kissed my love
sweet good bye
watched him go from afar.

I was left all by myself
into the bed I went
grabbed my phone 
typed some words 
random as it goes.

I feel dizzy and so tired
here I go again
thinking of thoughts
ahead of time
wander as I wonders.

Later tonight I have to work
caregive at my best
but sometimes I feel so weak
I wish I can just rest.

My facebook account is outdated
would be nice the other way around
couldn't even make a selfie
since when did I grow old.

Since when did I felt this way
it was a decade ago
I am so tired and weary
I want a different place to go.

A place where I could find myself
and answer all my questions
a place where I am free
where I can just be me.

There are people around
yet the feeling is real
as if I'm all alone
it's worse than just a feeling
I wish I can let go.

If I could only have a choice
I would chose not to feel
be numb as if nothing happened
forget about everything.

I often wonder what is wrong
but I couldn't figure it out
I guess I never will
bother I shouldn't have.

I'm just a silly sausage
wanting to escape
this perfect melancholic feeling
is there's no point in trying.

How would I end this kind of feeling
The answer's nowhere to be found
How would I stop my thoughts from coming
I guess I'd never know.

I want to end this writing
perhaps this is it for now
though I know this feeling would stay
like a thorn in my throat.

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