Merry Me

It's the glorious season of all time
celebrating in a foreign land
blessed with the presence of few loved ones.

Although at times I feel so gloomy
I found peace with my weary body.

With my bread and butter I'm surrounded by ages
they whisper sense though sometimes don't
their words are wisdom, realization of hope.

Never did I ask for the world that I'm in now,
yet I do what I can the best I can give.

It is so unfair being hurt like I feel
while I suffered the pain other people have gained.

I'm stretching my patience
twisting the way I see things
but I've lost who I am as time goes by.

With my running feet time flies so fast
my whole body follows but my mind stand still.

I felt so numb this very special season
that's so unlikely when I was a kid. 

I never felt this insecure before
but this time is real.

Such a bad timing, oh why now
tossing and turning 
make it my last bow.


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