Somewhat near yet still far.
It flies as we breathe.
Nothing could overtake it.
No one could ever buy it.

It's priceless.
Once gone then so are we.
Only the ones with life could have it.
Next to eternity.

It's never late.
It takes note of the past.
States the present.
Dictates the future.

It reveals authenticity.
Where beauty fades.
Where lies meet reality.

It's a constant reminder of change.
It develops patience.
Molds character.
Decides who leave and who stays.

It's the best healer.
The wisest teacher.
An author.
A silent speaker.

It can be overwhelming.
Sometimes complicated.
It's where we learn when to take risks.

It's tricky.
It's a gamble.
Know when to spend it wisely.

It's cruel.
Never wait for anybody.
No excuse is good for it.
No one could deny it.

Like a living water.
Like air.
It freeflows spontaneously.


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