blinded by false kindness
she danced to their tunes
thinking she was loved
truth is she was fooled

dressed as she was
she showed her real self
with no reservation
she trusted them fully

she tried and was disappointed
she was used
ripped out
tired and frustrated

she asked when is enough
no answer from her better half
who is it to blame
for a reason so lame

despite her trauma she faught
no matter how painful
no matter how hard
she chose to be changed

but the favor was not hers
she knew it by heart
is her love not worth it
is her sacrifices worthwhile

she hate those people
they only think of themselves
where she has given her hands
but they still wanted more

is she really kind
or she was just being silly
she knew all the answers
yet denied them all

she was so inlove
they used it against her
being taken for granted
she was so naive

when is enough
when is it to stop
the key is not hers
it's with her better half

-to be continued...



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