The Carer’s View

Soft touch of a callous hand
Pampering their tired souls
Asking in a calming voice
Securing they are comfortable

Never mind oneself
What's important is their welfare
Looking deep into their eyes
As if I see through my parents

Checking their linens dry and clean
Wondering whether they dream
Hearing them breathe is a relief
As if I can hear their heartbeat

It's never easy oh dear no
Crazy is the one who says so
Although stressing is hard to avoid
Doing this job gives you worth as you go

Most of the time I see them cranky
Probably they just don't like me
But the moment I see them smile
Makes me feel like I'm in the sky

Hearing them mention my name
Is like a music into my ear
But what's amusing is when they forgot
And just call me something nice and sweet

We walk slowly with their walker
As if we're miles away
But when they start telling stories
It's the sweetest I can't complain

I see them as children with a silver hair
All they need is love and care
It is so painful when they call out
Asking when to see their mum

I work everyday and I come home
For them it's just another score
They don't need pity no they don't
Above all else is heartfelt joy

Most of the time they are in pain
Tablets and creams coming their way
What we hate is when they fall
Bruises and cuts everywhere

But no matter how they've lost their memories
The marks of their past still show
They can remember their glorious past
See their picture know them enough

Such a wonderful view to see them with family
But it's hurtful when they're forgotten
I can see life's reality through their eyes
Live life to the fullest don't ask why

Sometimes they are longing for a chat
I can see tears rolling from behind
Sometimes they want to be alone
Some are sitting near the door

Another day, another night
Now you see them until they're gone
Say all that you can as you've got the chance
Or live life with regret when what's gone is gone


One thought on “The Carer’s View

  1. This piece is so sad. I have been to many places like this. what you described was exactly how it was. My mother was sick from a stroke, and I had to find a home for her. I visited several, and one after another, they were getting so depressing. I would walk in and it would be the same scene. i talked with several to see how they liked it there, and some of them would answer, but they were talking about something else. A couple thought I was someone else.


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