A year added to mine
No longer a peculiar feeling
I wonder why

Presents are nothing to presence
What matters before didn't matter no more
A weird spectacular new

Like it takes one to know one
Experience comes first before you understand
A misinterpreted cliche

I've lost appetite sending regards
Not that I didn't care
In my heart I wish I've sent my warmest greetings
What really is the meaning of all these
Perhaps just be thankful
Forget being mindful

Learn the art of appreciation
Where you look around
Be contented of yourself

Accept that this is life
It's hard to define
There's no exact formula

There are things we're bound to pass by
The ones who stay
And those that are good only for memories

I realized it's best not having everything
Leaves you room for your dreams
Makes you more feel alive

Now in this new year
There's nothing beat a new life
A gift of new beginning

They say it's time for resolution
For me I just want to be renewed
Or redeeming myself won't be that bad

No matter how I spend or end this day
What matters is the purpose why
One thing to cherish as time pass me by


One thought on “29th

  1. Introspection, you say so much with this, and now it’s getting close to the end of the year. Mine has not been so good. I am hoping, the next is better, but I get through by reading and writing and then it’s not so bad.

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