The Beauty of The Unknown

The less I know the better I feel
I'd rather not hear a thing
I'm contented and free
So just let me be

I value my space
I respect others privacy
I enjoy being silent
I treat others the way I want them to treat me

I don't mind being a wall flower
I'd rather come and go without others even noticing
I don't like being the center of attention
I'd rather not have any attention at all

I love to do soul searching
Enjoy my amazement of the world
I love to explore my curiosity
Do things on my own freely

I love doing things others might find weird
Discover myself on a different perspective
I love to stay still and appreciate things
Be a child and seize the moment

I dress comfortably although not in fashion
I believe beauty's from within not only skin deep
I enjoy deep conversation with people I trust
Words are meaningless without being honest

I don't make judgement into a haste
I'd rather observe than rely to what I hear
I hate to huddle just to talk behind someone's back
I'd rather talk to the person or keep my mouth shut

I love to be different and do the right thing
I don't need to blend just to say that I'm in
I have my own style I consider an art
I'm not hard to please all I need is a spark

I need my lone time sometimes it's nice
At the end of the day I need to recharge
I have to stop when I need to
Isolate myself if I have to

I have my moods sometimes I can't help it
I just want to be myself during those moments
Somtimes I'm compulsive and I love shopping
Never think twice to things that I like

I find beauty to the unknown
Discover what's hidden
Ask the things I don't know
See things through the soul


One thought on “The Beauty of The Unknown

  1. I never felt like I fit in either, and I was always the weird one. I hated school with a passion, because those kids just didn’t want nothing to do with me, and that hurt, so I built a wall, and was a loner. As I grew older, I began to look back and make peace, because I was also angry. I hated myself for being different. I wanted to fit in. Now I am fine with it. I will always stick to what I believe in, and never waiver in believing in what is right and wrong.

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