My Open ‘Thank You’ Letter

To the ones who visit my blog...
To the ones who read my writings...
To the ones who likes and appreciates...
To the ones who followed applebitsblog...

"My Heartfelt THANK YOU to you ALL."

Applebitsblog is a product of thoughts I can't utter
Here I can express bits and pieces of me
Without feeling judged, degraded, and being treated as a joke
Every word I write is like a thorn being pulled inside my throat
It gives me the chill, excitement, and peace of mind
With just the thought of finishing every poem
At first I write just to express and seize the writing I gave birth
As time passed by, little by little
Me, making baby steps being a newbie into the bloggers world
The excitement I felt turned into a passion
Not only to share but also to inspire and touch lives
But, all of these are IMPOSSIBLE without ALL of YOU
It doesn't matter whether there's one or two
Who visits, reads, appreciates, and follows my blog
As long as there's someone who reads and listens to my writings
That alone is enough to encourage me and inspire me to keep on writing
For me you guys are my bloodline, my silent listeners, and friends from afar
I may not know you by name, in person, or by heart
I feel your presence every time I see one 
Who visits, reads, appreciates, and follows my blog
It touches my heart, puts a smile on my face, and most of all...
Gives power to my engine, ink to my pen, power to my thoughts,
And feelings to my words
THANK YOU ALL for being there
I may not know you personally but I just want to let you know
That no matter what situation you are in, wherever this blog finds you
Please remember that YOU are AWESOME and WONDERFULLY MADE
And sometimes though you may not know 
YOU Made another person's life joyful and meaningful in your own little way
And to all the INTROVERT Bloggers like me, let's keep on writing
And continue to be one of the positive products of our thoughts we can be :-)
So just before I end this post, Again, I just want to say THANK YOU EVERYONE!
YOU ARE AWESOME! We ALL are... :-)


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