The Hardest Part

Joy is the happiness of being together
My heart jumped out of my chest with gladness
The warmth of their smiles kept me from being cold
And treasure is the sound of their voices
Our humble abode turned into home
An empty room filled with laughter
Brick walls has fallen into pieces
Lovely neighbors were charmed and came over
There was never such a gloomy day
Time passed by so fast we didn't even notice
There were ups and downs yes they have seen it
But what matters most are their presence
No heart can surpass such family love
A love being bound with only one blood
Not one can deny his own kind
Nor let one of his own be left behind
I have seen and appreciate all of their efforts
Their words ease my mind and calms my soul
Their simple tap on the back gives me courage
And their genuine concern lifted up my spirit
But now that they're about to go
There something in me that feels the pain and sorrow
Probably that's the hardest part
Watching them go when you're not yet ready


3 thoughts on “The Hardest Part

  1. So beautifully expressed, and i can relate to this one a well. I remember walking out the door of my moms house for the very last time. She had been gone for several months and I had it for sale, but leaving that behind was a very difficult time. My whole life was there, and with my parents, even though I was 40 at the time.

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      • Thanks, it is a part of life moving on. I had to accept it. If you don’t move on, then you get stuck. You can’t go, you can’t grow. You have to be able to move on. There’s nothing wrong with missing and remembering people from the past it is normal, and I think of great comfort and inspiration. Every one is confronted with grief in their lifetime. At the time it seems like it can never be overcome, but you goon. You have to.

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