She’s the bravest woman I know,

the most selfless person I’ve ever met.

She’s only little but what she does 

are far more greater things.

She works with wonders through her hands:

blossoming garden, tasty treats,

wonderful home and she fixes whatever

is needed to fix.

Her faith is immeasurable.

She’s always calm during a storm and

earthquakes won’t ruin her sleep.

She was never involved with shallow fights

or even gossip with neighbors.

Her respect to people is always there

whatever their status is.

She exudes so much positivity.

She makes sure to watch her words

and watch out before she speaks.

She always lift other people’s spirits

and she’s happy doing her thing.

She’s always praised for having good taste,

she dress herself fashionably effortless 

without spending a penny.

Although we have four decades gap,

it doesn’t define her years.

She is forever young compared to her age.

She is loved by everyone and so her company.

She’s surprisingly strong.

Her challenges are like mountains 

compared to her physique.

I witnessed it all when I was young.

Where things then are far from my learnings.

I often misunderstood her judgement.

But, now at this better age…

I appreciate her more.

I’m so amazed of what she’s done during

when she’s at this stage.

She loves to read Thy words and

and she offers good advise.

No doubt, it came from years and years 

of handful of good experience.

Where her faith was tested and

successfully made it through.

She finds no excuse in helping others,

and help them in time of need.

Now that I’m older,

I thank her for everything…

Her sacrifices, love and support,

and all the challenges she had to surpass

together with us all throughout the years.

Now, I wish I could do even just half

of what she has done.

For it’s never a joke and a million miles 

far from easy to be in her shoes 

to carry the hardships she has gone through.

I wish I could be as half as good as my mom…

For a pride of a daughter is great having

such a faithful mom.


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