Thank You WordPress!!!

I think this (Apple Juice) is going to be my most favorite part of my blog since I intend to fill it with all the happiest experiences, memories, moments, thoughts, and feelings that I’ve ever had in my life and I’m so excited about it!

However, before I get too carried away… I just want to say thank you WordPress!!! For creating such a wonderful site where different people from all walks of life from all different parts of the world meet and express themselves (ourselves), learn and grow from each other and become a better version of ourselves.

I am no expert when it comes to technology and websites but it fascinates me and whatever is fascinating also attracts my curiosity (and for me curiosity is good). It leads to open more doors of opportunities and sometimes awaken the sleeping potential of so many.

For me, it’s WordPress. The reason why I’m so curious right now. Why I’m wanting to explore, learn more, and even step out of my comfort zone. Most of all, share something that (who knows) might be very timely and beneficial to the one reading.

Same goes with me because I’ve experienced it too. Sometimes, I read a post and I was like: “I was thinking the same thing!” or, “I feel the same feeling!” or just simply, “Oh, my gosh! I’m not the only one!” and every time, the feeling is surreal. That feeling when I can relate even with strangers and I feel the connection and I like it. It’s great! It’s huge! It’s priceless.

So I just want to say, Thank you WordPress!!! My journey goes on with you. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Thank You WordPress!!!

  1. I get the same feeling. It’s easy to get submerged in a bubble of “I’m doing this by myself”. But then coming to places like WordPress exposes you to a jillion of other people who think and even talk like you. Makes you wonder why you can’t get in touch with people like this in the physical rather rhan the technological.

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