Unlikely Couple

So, we woke up around seven in the morning yesterday and like our usual routine we watched our favorite television show and prepared our breakfast.

After we ate, my husband went to check his email while I took care of the table and washed the dishes.

Then my husband went to shower while I finish all my chores. After he’s finished he went back to our lounge area, he stopped, and was so surprised (while looking outside at the neighbor’s fence) then he told me (on a very soft tone of voice): “Wait…” and I asked: “What?” I stood still and I almost stopped breathing until he finished his sentence.

Then he continued: “Don’t move, I know you’re gonna like this,” he said (with a smile on his face). I got so excited after hearing what he said! I know he’s definitely up to something good. I slowly moved my head to see what he was looking outside at our neighbor’s fence and I almost jumped with gladness to see my favorite bird resting under the tree. Actually, “our” favorite bird.

IT’S THE KOOKABURRA!!! That’s right guys, it’s my favorite bird in the world! It’s been almost two months since we first moved into our new place and we haven’t seen them around until yesterday morning and it really jump-start my day!

Going back, I got so excited so I looked around to get my cellphone to take some photos when I noticed a crow resting just a meter away from the kookaburra so I told my husband: “Oh! There’s a crow too!” I wasn’t able to take a photo of the crow though.

Here’s my snapshot of the first kookaburra that we’ve seen…


My husband checked out the crow (but it didn’t rest for long until it flew). I was trying not to take my eyes off the kookaburra until I noticed that there’s another one resting on the other end of the fence, so there’s two of them now!

And here’s the second one.


TWO KOOKABURRAS? DEFINITELY! Here’s another snapshot.


Quickly, I hurried and grabbed my phone. I took photos and videos of them while I still could. Never mind if my photos aren’t that good as long as these rare moments were captured! I mean it’s not all the time that we see two kookaburras together at the same time, right?

Here’s a link to give you some idea about the kookaburra that I found on the net:


The next thing was, of course I wouldn’t let my husband miss the moment so I told him: “Look! There’s another one!” and he was like, “Yeah! There’s two! Is it the mating season or something?” That’s funny, I thought to myself… He saw two of them and that’s the first thing he thought? However, after some researching, I reckon my husband’s right.

Here’s a link I found useful regarding their breeding, it includes some other details too:


Anyway, my husband saw them and he went insane trying to stop me from taking photos and videos of those two lovely birds thinking that I might scare them away (because they’re actually looking at us at that time too). On the contrary, I know they’re going to leave soon so might as well capture the moment (and I was right, you’ll see).

The next thing that happened was, my husband threw a slice of ham for each of them (we know they love it). The kookaburras both saw it however, they didn’t move a bit (I think they have different agenda that day). After that, my husband pulled our curtains closed and by that time I already stopped filming (not for long though).

He went to our room with our camera trying to take a picture while peeping into the blinds. “That’s not gonna work!” I shouted. Well, not because I was mad or something but because I stayed in the lounge area.

So, I pulled our curtains wide open again. I was glad they’re still there while my husband was like: “What are you doing? you might scare them away,” he said. “No worries I got this,” I answered.

Then, I got what we both wanted (photos and videos of them together in that fence). It was only less than two minutes when the first kookaburra flew so we only got one left (I knew that would happen). I think he stayed for another three minutes before he left (I knew that would happen too). Luckily, we have our photos (I told you I was right). I was so happy!

By the way, they left the ham but I wasn’t able to take a photo of it (sorry). We just left it there though to see what happens next.

Please Note: I’m going to post more of the kookaburra photos soon! I just need to nap for now since my rest day is over and I have to work again tonight… That’s right guys! I’m one of those who do night-shifts. I’ll tell you more about it next time. 😉

Oh! Speaking of what happens after that? What happened next was FUN! It was time to make the most out of my rest day!

That was meant for yesterday of course…


Please see my next post about our joyride, I will be posting it here soon as well! 😉

Thanks everyone for viewing, I hope this post made you smile today somehow! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Unlikely Couple

    • Yes they are! 😃 They’re actually part of our everyday life on our previous unit and we always hear them laugh but when we moved somewhere near my workplace we rarely see them now.. they’re kind of cute with their chubby built and their big eyes, it’s hard not to fall for them 😊

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