It’s Joyride Time: The Day Before My Rest Day Ends

I was supposed to make this post the very same day we had our joyride to Dalby however, it’s really been a busy day for us and I wasn’t able to finish my blog. That is also why I’m writing this now.

So, that was a great Thursday morning when two kookaburras visited us (as I mentioned to my post, the Unlikely Couple). We we’re so thrilled, we thought it’s a great way to level up the experience so we decided to go for a drive.

It was ten o’clock when we left home, my husband stopped at the gasoline station to make sure we have enough fuel before we hit the road. 

We entertain ourselves by talking about random topics as we go, until we noticed the beauty of the blooming Jacaranda tree (one of my favorite trees).


Husband: “That’s pretty, they’re starting to bloom now.”

Me: “Can’t wait to see them bloom all together!”

Here’s a link I found for some details:

We were mesmerised by the views as we drive under the heat of the sun and I guess that’s what made the ride more enjoyable as the sun brings the best out of the picturesque sight.

Our joyride continued as we find our way to our first destination, if I’m not mistaken it took us almost two hours before we finally reach the place.

Me: “Are we there yet?”

Husband: “Chill. We’re already here.”

Certainly worth more than two hours drive: The Bowenville Reserve Campground

We didn’t take long as the heat of the sun was painfully burning our skin. However, the short experience we had there was gratifyingly memorable.

I suddenly felt starving as we haven’t got anything to eat or drink in the car. So off we went to find somewhere we can have lunch.πŸ”

That’s when we reached Dalby. The only photo we have in Dalby. 😭

Me: “Smile!”

Husband: <Smiling>

You might notice that I’m not in this picture. I actually forgot to include myself… It happens a lot. 😊

Last Stop: The Library

And we end our day with a treat…🍰

End of our trip.πŸ‘

joyride (noun) a ride for enjoyment in vehicle or aircraft

“Take me where your heart leads and let us forget everything. Take your key and drive until the end of what you see for life is a joyride.” -Apple

Thanks for viewing everyone! Maybe you should try it too. πŸ˜‰


17 thoughts on “It’s Joyride Time: The Day Before My Rest Day Ends

  1. Hi applebits, thanks for following my blog. I am following yours now. I enjoy what I have read so far. I like reading about people, and their diverse interests and activities. It makes the reader feel like a friend or companion going along with you on your adventures, and just relating on day to day issues. It introduces people from different cultures to each other, that resulting into a more intimate understanding. We really need that right now, so I would like to introduce myself, say, “hello, and it is so nice to meet you”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi grevisangel, it’s my pleasure to follow to your blog 😊 I also want to thank you for following mine back πŸ˜ƒ Like you, I also like reading about people especially about what’s going on in their mind.. I like it when you said: it introduces people from different cultures, resulting into more intimate understanding and I agree with you that we really need that right now. I think if we could just make more effort to connect with each other then it won’t be impossible to break those walls between us people.. Imagine how wonderful this world could be 😊 I just woke up right now and finally I’m now able to visit your blog and know more about you πŸ˜‰ It’s so nice to meet you too grevisangel 😊β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️


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