My Husband’s Persuasive Speech Assignment (Diamonds Are Forever) Back in College Found Burried In One Of His Desktop’s Folders

All credits from this post goes to My Husband: Hack Alvarez.

Couldn’t help but share his wonderful writing.

Back in high school, I had a crush on my classmate sitting right in front of me. She’s probably the most famous girl in our campus because even elementary boys would court her. One day, I decided to test my luck by courting her. Well, the luck seemed to favor me. For just a bunch of flowery words, a handful of confidence and a 40 peso, buy-one take one diamond ring, she became my instant girlfriend after my proposal. Because of that ring, I become a legend among my classmates.  Enough with the puppy love story, lets talk about the diamond which I have mentioned a while ago. But one that I would be talking is not just like those 40 peso-diamond ring which is actually made from glassware but from simple carbon material very much similar to those you see in the tip of your pencils. Scientists were now able to create diamonds from these carbon materials, thanks to the technological advancement in metallurgy, the science of materials processing. The principle to make these diamonds is the same as the natural method; the only difference is that they are made inside the laboratories. They would put a million pounds of pressure or imagine a 70-ton building pounding a grain of carbon the size of a needle head inside a ceramic chamber. This method is called the high pressure, high temperature or simply the HTPT method. They have been studying and developing this method for over the last half century and has improved the quality of the diamonds ever since. You would not dare tell the difference between the natural and these synthetic ones because even the experts would not tell either. Synthetic and natural diamonds possess the same chemical, physical and optical properties. This is the reason why some experts suggest that synthetic diamonds are not considered as fake diamonds at all. In the U.S., studies have showed that people would prefer to buy these man-made diamonds rather than the natural ones because they are almost 70% less expensive than the latter.

Nowadays, scientists have seen the real significance of these future “diamonds” in the semiconductor industry. Recently, they have discovered that these diamonds would soon replace silicon chips for computers. Since diamonds can tolerate very high temperature, they would be able to transmit large amount of data in very small dimensions. You are probably familiar with the memory capacity of computers or much simpler your flash drives. They would either be in the megabytes and the gigabytes or recently out in the market is the terabytes of hard drive memories. Well, experts believed that if they could make nanotransistors from these diamonds, they would be able to make pentabytes of memory. That’s a thousand terabytes or a million gigabytes! You would not worry about saving all the possible files you could save.

We could not possibly tell the potentials of these diamonds, but because of the technologies present we might be able to make something good from them. A famous advertising slogan for diamonds would tell that “diamonds are forever”, and at last it came true.

For those who read & appreciates this post,

Thank you All! 😊


Special Thanks to My husband for allowing me to share this.♥️♥️♥️

Courtesy and Credits to: Hack Alvarez

Cheers! 😉


3 thoughts on “My Husband’s Persuasive Speech Assignment (Diamonds Are Forever) Back in College Found Burried In One Of His Desktop’s Folders

    • It’s actually my husband’s work when he was still in college, he found it in one of the folders when his sorting our files 😊 I asked him if I can post it since I like it a lot, I’m glad he agreed to it 😉 I’m sure he’ll be happy to know that you find it very interesting, thanks! 👍 I also don’t have a diamond but I’d love the thought of having one someday 😉

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      • That’s a really nice story, thanks for giving some background on it’s origin. You have a good guy. I don’t have a diamond either, it wouldn’t matter to me though if one was real or was made. ore important would be the thought behind it. There are entire planets made of diamonds. Think of that one! Carbon is an element that is known to be an integral component in the formation of the universe, along with hydrogen, and helium. We are a carbon based life form. We have the stars in us.

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