There’s No Stolen Pen Just Cure For Hiccups

Three friends walking

After their group project has been done

Surprised that it was still early 

They decided to enjoy and have fun

So they went to the mall

At the park they went for a stroll

All three were happy

Things was going smoothly

But then they got hungry

And looked for an eatery

The meal was so good

Until hiccups occured

With one of the three

It went once then went twice

And went so obvious

It was no longer nice

The two had a laugh

And came up with an idea

All of a sudden 

The two stopped for a second

And the next thing one said:

“You stole my pen!”

Terribly shocked for being accused

The girl with the hiccups

Begged to refuse:

“Of course not! Are you serious?!”

The other remained silent

As she tried not to giggle

While the other replied:

“Of course I am. You took my pen.”

Extremely upset in her disbelief

The girl with the hiccups 

Started again:

“This is ridiculous! I have my own pen and I could buy more if I want to! Do you really believe I would steal from you?! What kind of a friend are you?!!” 

The girl with the hiccups went on and on

While the other two girls 

Couldn’t help but to laugh at it all

“What’s so funny?!”

The girl with the hiccups asked the two

“Have you noticed something?”

The girl with the hiccups was so confused

“No, what is it? You guys are so annoying!”

 “You’re hiccups was gone!”

Two girls were still laughing

As they replied:

“There’s no stolen pen and you’re not a thief! It’s just our way to cure your hiccups. Isn’t it a relief??”

She paused for a moment

And she realised they were right:

“You’re right! No more hiccups for me!”

The three laugh and laugh 

As they walked their way home

The trick really worked

Come to think of it all

There’s no stolen pen,

Just cure for hiccups

And if one of you’re friends have it,

Do nothing 

But remember this trick! πŸ˜‰

Thanks for viewing everyone,

Have a nice day! πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “There’s No Stolen Pen Just Cure For Hiccups

      • Thank you grevisangel, I like your style too. It’s deep and your words are just amazing. I actually learn everytime I read and visit your blog and I love it. Also, I’m looking forward to know more about you on your future writings πŸ˜‰

        Liked by 1 person

      • Apple, I know in person you must be as sweet and kind as you are on here. It would be nice to say hello in person and share a drink or bite to eat. I find very much in your writing too, especially the poetry. I think yours is more a free form, they flow like water, to borrow Bruce Lee’s quote,but I like the rhythm very much, and the words too. Words are really important. I try to chose them very carefully. Sometimes I have constructed a piece just from a word that I liked. I like the sound of them and how they are used to express and explain, to make you understand. They are powerful and move people. Your pieces really make me think and amaze me as well, I tell myself after I read them, that is something I wish I could have wrote. Your creativeness is exceptional. I think it would appeal to a lot of readers if more could see it. You put your emotions out there in your words. That is not always easy to do.

        Liked by 1 person

      • hi grevisangel, i didn’t realise someone would appreciate my writings the way you do.. i believe i still got a long way to go before i get there but knowing that you appreciate my writings means a lot to me.. i write according to how i feel. more of pure emotions being transformed into words. i also write when my emotions are strong. that way, i don’t have to think about the words i just let them be.. i agree that words are very important, that’s so true. however for me, subject is very important too and we have to know the subject really well in order for us to write something about it and achieve the result that we really wanted. like how our eyes are the windows of our soul, i believe one’s writing is the way to know a person into the bloggers world. but that’s only an opinion coming from a newbie like me 😊 since my intention to my blog is to express myself i choose subjects that most matters to me and i choose them according to how it made an impact into my life. actually, i was thinking the same thing whenever i read your blog, i can feel your purpose and dedication bursting in every word. i really think you’re a great writer and i reckon with your talent you can achieve whatever it is that inspire you. i admire your work and your style for it inspire me too and i know there’s a lot more you inspire out there πŸ˜‰ so just keep writing and continue to be an inspiration 😊 our conversation here makes me feel like you’re somewhere near, it’s as if we’re chatting while having a nice cup of coffee and i’m glad that although we’re far, WP is here for us to reach each other out. πŸ˜‰

        Liked by 2 people

      • I always look forward to your comments. I started out late with writing. You are much younger and have a really bright future. I am confident if writing is something you want to persue as a career, you should have no problem

        Liked by 1 person

      • I hit send by mistake, I didn’t get to finish what I was saying. I think with your talent and outlook you could pursue anything you choose. writing seems to be something you excel at, and it gives you a voice, the chance to be heard. It’s very empowering to be able to reach someone and connect with words, thoughts and ideas. It’s an important foundation. I think anyone that writes, does it to let out their feelings and express themselves. We all have that in common. We need to do that. To me it is therapeutic. When I write I am freer, I can say things I normally would not. I am also a newbie really. I am just testing the waters. Almost everything I have written relates to me in some way, something that I have felt, or seen. Something I wanted, or something I lost. The more social things I write are based on my observations and beliefs. I have written a few things that were purely fictional, totally created. I get inspired by different things. I think dialog between bloggers is very helpful, if not just to build friendships and inspire each other. We can learn from each other. I think my social writing is from my being so involved in current events. I follow them devotedly and I see a lot of injustice, unfairness and pain. I think topics like that need to be addressed. I feel strongly about these issues. They affect so many people. My intent is to bring some of those issues to the forefront. It seems to be harder for me to write personal material. It takes much longer for me and is harder. I enjoy our messages. So if you ever come my way, or I your way we can get together and have that coffee.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I do appreciate your writing, because I can identify with much of what you say. I know how you feel, because I have also felt that way. I have had doubts, been lonely, felt out of place, and that I did not fit in. I have had self esteem issues. I have had good and bad relationships. I take things to heart, and feel strongly and deeply.


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