A Little Bit Of Kindness Goes A long Way

img_4817Kindness. Such a positive word which I think is very rare nowadays. Would you agree? How many among us would be willing to get out of our way whenever we see someone who needs our help? Especially if his or her needs isn’t our priority and would even delay us from completing whatever it is that we need to do.

Most of the time, we plan our itinerary early on for the whole week just to make sure that we stay on the right track and some of us would even try their best to stick with it. Which make the chances more slim for us to reach out and extend our hands to the needy.

We can observe that it’s already been part of the norm. It happens every once in a while and we all experienced to have the chance to help but we chose not to for a lot of justifiable reasons. Having said so, what makes our reason justifiable also makes it reasonable. Making it a strong ground for us to have a good excuse which also set us free from the guilt of our chosen decision.

What’s bothering is when we think that it’s okay. I’m not only referring about us getting out of our way to help others for sometimes we really can’t and however we feel sorry about not being able to help, there are times that we just can’t. I’m referring to those times that we can and we are able to reach out but we chose not to, thinking that it’s okay. Truth is, it’s not.

Sometimes we’re not aware that we can express our kindness simply by doing the right thing at the right time and we don’t even have to wait for it because the right time is now. That’s right fellows, we can help in our own little way all we need to have is the desire to do it.

I believe that each and everyone of us are connected and the act of kindness that we do for one person could easily spread like a disease. If we could only stop being a narcissist and think about others before ourselves then this world would be a much better place to live in. Don’t you think?

One good example is what I’ve observed from work. Our building was designed like a huge maze. People who visit come and go including the staff running around to do their tasks and for an establishments as busy as ours sometimes it’s inevitable to find rubbish on the floor like candy wrapper, piece of paper, and even used gloves.

Of course, we also have our own hierarchy. There’s the owner, the managers, supervisor, staff, maintenance, cleaners, kitchen people, and the ones in charge in the laundry. Each of us have our own designated task to finish. However, teamwork is being encouraged and cooperation from everyone is very much appreciated. Who won’t, right?

Imagine a staff member while running around saw a few candy wrappers on the floor, she picked them up and threw them into the bin. It won’t take a minute for her to do that but she already helped the cleaner who’s being called to clean the mess in one of the resident’s room.

Now, being able to come on time, the cleaner was able to help the staff who needed her inside the room as soon as possible for she also have to attend the laundry as the clothes were piling up and that’s to help the night staff finish the laundry in case the shift gets busy.

At the laundry, the staff member found the supervisor who just happened to pass by and noticed that the laundry was already pilingΒ up. The supervisorΒ already started putting the clothes into the washing machines and some into the dryers until she came. Enough for her to make the laundry ready for the night staff and move on to her next task.

All the staff members finished their tasks on time and everything was ready for the hand-over when the night staff arrive. Since, all went well during the day time, the night staff also started the shift well. They don’t need to do extra task that hasn’t been done by the previous shift simply because everybody helped everyone and everything else was done.

The night became very busy for the night staff because of all the pages coming from different residents who need their assistance. However, the night staff still finished all their tasks especially the laundry which is very important for the residents. Thanks to the supervisor and staff members who helped out each other.

Now, this is only one example and I’m pretty sure that you guys can add some more. We also know for a fact that this doesn’t only apply at work and our colleagues alone, it applies to every place that we could reach and it applies to us all.

It is also not rocket science to understand these things what’s challenging is to have the heart to do it. In this scenario we just proved that kindness, no matter how big nor small goes a long way and have a ripple effect which could lead from either a positive or negative result. No matter what result… It’s up for us to choose.


11 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Kindness Goes A long Way

  1. There’s too many peope that have the attitude of “me and mine”. The possess a selfish attitude. They are self centered and self absorbed. I heard this conversation today, and it made me feel pretty hopeless. I wanted to say something, and I did, but they thought I was an evil Socialist. I still want to believe there are decent people, who would do the right thing, who would give, and try to make a difference.

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      • I know there are generous, and giving people. They are kind and considerate, but I have run into some people that are just awful. I bought a car off a guy, and he lied to me about everything. The car gave me trouble as soon as I left his house, and thereafter I spent almost another thousand dollars , only to have it die on me again last night. I had it six months, and half that time it wasn’t running. This guy claimed he was a Catholic and a good guy. I asked him to fix it, because there’s no way that he did not know the thing was shot. I could not intimidate him, shame him., or get him to help me in any way. He had not an ounce of decency. I had told him I was on disability and needed a good vehicle. he told me essentially too bad; you bought it, re-sell it.I am really bitter about it, because now I am walking , and I live in the middle of nowhere. That incident left me feeling depressed and my spirits so low. I have lost a lot of faith in humanity, because I know there are other people out there doing the same exact thing he is doing. I have no way to get around now and having a car where I live is important. I can’t even get to the bank to get money out to pay the rent. Oh, the guy was a car dealer, He sells them out of his home , and under reports his earnings. So he is a real greedy, self centered person with no conscience. Sorry to go on so long. I just had a really, really bad week. I pretty much took $3,000, and threw it out the window, and I live on a fixed income, so every dollar is important. He lived in a mansion.


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