Our First Time To Surfer’s Paradise

Upon getting there…

When we got there and our selfies.

The view.❀️

Mine! Mine! Mine! Said the birds from my favourite movie, Finding Nemo.😊

Their claw prints.

More of us while roaming around.

A lot more.

The tram.

The scene stealer.😳


Inside the mall.

Us before we go home.

Driving home while enjoying the sunset…

And that was all for that day.πŸ˜‰

Thanks for viewing everyone!πŸ’•

“It’s nice to take some rest and spend from time to time, for only then can we say that sweet is the taste of the fruit of our labor and it’s all worth it.” -Apple



10 thoughts on “Our First Time To Surfer’s Paradise

  1. I am freezing here, and looking at your pictures makes me feel so warm. I am wishing I were there. It is below zero here, with the wind chill factored in. We are in the beginning of Winter. It was fairly mild until recently.

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    • learning how cold it is now in your place makes me feel cold too..im really not good in coping with winter..probably the least of my favourite of all seasons..please try to keep yourself warm all the time and take good care always..

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