My Last Day At Work

I’ve been wanting to write about my experience as a carer but I didn’t have the chance to do so due to our hectic schedule at work. Today is different, since it marks the effectivity of my last day.

Last two weeks ago, me and my boss had a closed door meeting to discuss about my resignation. Believe me, it won’t be easy if you have a great boss. I talked to her with a heavy heart, I didn’t realize it was going to be that hard.

I was trembling and stuttering. My hands were cold and sweaty. Even if we were talking face to face my sentences were choppy. I’ve never been so nervous upon talking to my boss that way before. Even more nervous than when I first had an interview with her when I was still applying for the position. I think it’s because she’s the kindest boss I’ve ever had and I owe her all the knowledge and experiences I have right now as a carer.

I first met my boss in the month of May 2015. I was still working with my husband in a seedling company at that time after I finished my course in Aged Care Certificate III when she first contacted me.

It was a cold rainy afternoon and we just finished our shift. I checked my phone and saw two missed calls and a voice message from an unknown number. I was wondering what was that about since I wasn’t expecting anyone to call me.

Then I recalled that two months ago after I finished my course, me and my husband scattered my resume to all of the aged care facilities around the area that we could reach. That’s including the homecare I’ve just worked with.

I called the number right away. I was so excited when I found out that they were considering my application and wanted to schedule me for an interview within that week.

I grabbed the opportunity in an instant. I told her that I’ll have the interview two days after our conversation. My first interview went well. We talked about a lot of things including some personal stuff about me.

Then they scheduled me for my second and final interview. They told me that if it all goes smoothly then I will become part of their family as one of carer in the facility.

Thank God, my final interview went well. Me and my husband just finished our shift that afternoon when I received a call confirming that I was hired as the new carer.

I felt mixed emotions. At the same time I feel proud of myself because all of my efforts and hardwork have paid off. I’ve been through a lot just to get there and many times I thought I won’t be able to make it but God is good and made sure I’ll make it through. I dedicate it to my dad.

We fixed everything before I left the seedling company while my husband still works there. I’ve been given all the instructions needed for my transition to work for the facility.

Everything was ready within less than two weeks since the day that they first contacted me, from the interviews, completion of my requirements, signing of contracts, fitting my uniform, creating my log in, providing my fob, up to taking my photo for my identification. It was all taken cared for. All I need to do is to prepare myself on my first day.

I was so nervous on my big day. I know it’s not going to be easy especially it was my first time to be a professional carer but I told myself to take things one day at time. I guess it worked. I became a carer.

Looking back to my interview with my boss when I was still applying for the position a year and a half ago, I remember her telling me that being a carer is not an easy job (it’s really not) and if I won’t last for a year (as a carer) and I’m planning to stay for only six months then we knew that the job is not for me.

It sticked into my mind from my first day (of being a carer) and I did everything I could to be a carer until my first day turned into a year and a half. It was only unfortunate that things didn’t turn out the way we planned to which led us to our decision that it’s time for us to go home.

A year and a half experience may not be that long but the challenges that I have to deal just to keep up for it was worth a decade. A decade compressed to a year and a half experience with all of the struggle of being an immigrant, being a wife, a daughter, a sister, and personal issues all going on at once yet I still survived. Then I thought, I should give myself a pat on the back and say: “You did well. You’re a good carer. You should be proud of yourself.”

I gave this job my best. I invested everything I have including my tears, blood and sweat, and in all of the sleepless days I’ve worked… I’ve worked from the heart and it’s worth all the sacrifices I’ve made.

I may have left for now but I have learned a lot which I’ll bring with me wherever I go and I will always remain a carer. No regrets but only a thankful heart to a year and half of caring experience.


11 thoughts on “My Last Day At Work

    • Thanks hellodew, yes it will.😊 We don’t have any plans yet but to have some rest when we go back home. It’s been very busy for us for the whole two and a half years, so maybe a little time off would be good.πŸ˜‰


  1. I feel the same way, if not worse when doing an interview or having to talk about something stressful to a boss. You made a choice, one that you thought very hard about, and you did what was best for you for your career. I am sure it was not an easy decision. You have a good sense and idea of what you want and need, so you will make any adjustments without too many problems.

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