Earlier At Table Top Mountain With My Father In Law


Me: “Where are we up to?”

Husband: “To Table Top Mountain.”

Father In Law: “Let’s go.”


It’s our first time to go to Table Top Mountain after almost three years that we’ve been around here (me and my husband) but now is a bonus and we’re glad that we have my father in law visiting us for Christmas (that make us three). It was also my very first time to climb a mountain! So, double the fun! Then, I’ve found out it wasn’t what I’ve expected.

I was expecting that it’s like the usual commercial tourists’ spot with stairs and ladders and that there will be shops surrounding it (like some other places we’ve been to here in Queensland) but I was wrong. Actually, I was very wrong.

So, I wore a blouse, a jeans, and my slippery shoes that I bought from a second hand shop (I’m glad I’ve put my socks on and that I’ve changed my mind about wearing my sandals). To level it up I brought my black suede sling tasselΒ bag which was really smart by the way. I felt so awkward and out of place! Well, I was.


We had a laugh when we got to the place. Seeing the view gave us a hint of what it will be like for me considering what I was wearing but my curiosity convinced me to join my husband and father in law climb all the way up the mountain.Β 

At first it was okay. I could still carry my bag with me and could still take a photo while I climb my way up. However, as we go higher, the path where we climb up gets narrower and slippery because of the dust, tiny stones, and of course because of my inappropriate shoes.


So, we decided to put all of our stuff together in our backpack which my father in law voluntarily carried on his back. He said it helps him to get his balance.

Then we continued and I already felt the difficulty in climbing up. It was never my thing and I felt like I was suffocated. So, they gave me a stick (just some branch that they found on the ground). It helped me all through out our journey and I owe it to that magic stick!


It was a silly, yet funny, and great experience. The nervousness, adrenaline rush, the fear of rolling down the edge of the mountain, break some bones and worse… Die. The trouble of my slippery shoes, shortness of breath, limited water because we only brought less than a liter for the rest of us. The heat of the sun where I almost collapse but nothing beats the surprise when you see the exact opposite of what you have expected! At least, that’s how I felt.


I appreciate the whole experience all along (It was awesome!) and gained more respect to mountain climbers. That sport isn’t as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of courage, strength, endurance, and extreme confidence to even get a selfie while standing up at the peak of the mountain.Β 





Then, again you need to bring extra (courage, strength, endurance, and extreme confidence) upon climbing down the mountain. Otherwise, you’ll have to stay up there for the rest of your life (that’s what I told myself in order for me to climb down). Shout out to all mountain climbers out there! You’re all amazing! I salute you all!πŸ˜‰




It was a really great experience in the end. I’m not sure if I’ll try it again to climb another mountain but who knows? I might try it again soon!😊

I never regret getting myself into trouble especially if the trouble is worth it. I haven’t tried winning the lottery so I don’t know the feeling but I think climbing the top of the mountain while wearing something silly would have the same feeling.

Here are some more of our photos.









I told myself if I make it without rolling down the mountain and any broken bone, I will recommend the SHOES! Yeah, the shoes originally came from K-Mart that I just bought from the second hand shop. It was good! But PLEASE DON’T USE IT WHEN HIKING!!! My heart almost jumped out.

The view upΒ of the Table Top Mountain…



Look at my dirty hands!!!


We also went to the galleryΒ nearbyΒ and this quote that I’ve read there really spoke about my experience today:

“Blessed are the curious, for they have adventures.”Β  -Lovelle Drachman

All photos taken were from my husband, Hack Alvarez. Thanks hubby!!!

Thanks so much for viewing everyone! πŸ˜‰


19 thoughts on “Earlier At Table Top Mountain With My Father In Law

    • Thanks Prior, I’m glad you enjoyed hearing about my experience. It means a lot.😊 It’s good to know that your hubby and your son hike together. I noticed that it’s a nice way to bond with family β™₯️ and thanks for mentioning about their business, I’m going to remember that in case we need one in our future adventure.πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

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