Tips For Making A Good Decision 

We’ve been through a lot of decision making lately. All of them were major decisions that will definitely have a big impact in our lives in the near future. That’s also why we have to be really careful about it. There are few things that we already have made our decision and there are still some things that we have to finalize and think about. Having said so, I want to share with you some ideas which we find really helpful when making a decision:

  • Never make a decision based on our emotions – There are times that we have to make a major decision but relying on our emotion is definitely not an option. Our feelings change base on our situation while decisions we make have long term permanent result. This is where we have to face the consequence if we made a mistake. It’s because some of our decision lead us to something that we have to live up to for the rest of our lives. One good example of which is getting married. Now, that’s only one example and there are still a lot more like: Investing into a business, buying a house, and so on and so forth. So when it comes to serious matters like these, it’s always better to be wise and think about it a thousand times. If we don’t, chances are: We’ll end up in a trap and regret it for the rest of our lives.
  • Never jump into a decision just because somebody told you or just to please that somebody – Some people give us advice when we’re facing difficult situation. It maybe a family member, a relative, or a friend. It’s actually good because they’re showing their concern and want only what’s best for us. However, we also need to keep in mind that their advice serves only as our guide to come up with a much better decision. At the end of the day, it will still be ‘us’ who will celebrate the result of our good decision or suffer the consequences if we made a mistake. 
  • Never make a decision in a rush or in a hurry – Good decision making requires a lot of critical thinking. Therefore, we have to give ourselves enough time to do everything we could to come up with a good conclusion. Let’s do our research, ask for advice, learn from people who already went through the same situation that we currently have. While learning from our own experience is good, it is much wiser to learn from others’. That way we don’t have to commit the same mistake. Also, weigh things over and consider the pros and cons of the decision we’re about to make. Let’s be reminded that what lies ahead depends on our decision and most of the best results come from thorough deliberation. For us to do it we need to give ourselves enough time.
  • Practice brainstorming while in the process of decision making – We often hear the saying that ‘two is better than one’ and it’s also true when it comes to decision making. Most of the times we decide for ourselves alone. However, there are times that the result isn’t the way we’re expecting it to be. That is why brainstorming works. This is where we could throw and answer questions with each other, exchange opinion and generate ideas which we couldn’t do if we’re on our own. We could either do this with participation of our family, relatives, friends, or our partner (husband/wife) and this is where the ‘what ifs’ come in. Also, this is where we discuss all the possible results we could get from a certain decision. Where we weigh in our options and priorities, and determine if our decision is timely for us (considering our current situation). From there, we could choose which decision is best suitable for us and there would be a bigger chance for us to make the right decision. Sometimes, if we’re really lucky, our chance of doing it right may even be precise.
  • Clear your mind before making a decision – There are times that we have a lot in mind while we’re in the middle of decision making. It might be our deadline at work (or school project maybe), personal problem, and other issues in life that we need to face. If we’re in this situation, we have to take a deep breath, relax, and set our issues aside. Let’s think of our decision making as our profession, where we don’t mix our personal issues and work together. Going into a nice and quiet place also helps. Then, we can move on and sit down to think about what to decide. The reason for this is to avoid confusion and to have a clear view of our current situation that is important for us to make the right decision. One good comparison of this is decluttering our home. This is where we remove unneccesary items to have a better view of the place and to make neccesary things easier to for us to access.

And that’s all for now for this post…

I hope these tips help someone whose in the middle of dicision making today. 🙂

Thanks for viewing everyone. Have a nice day! 😉


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