Remembering Our Interesting Childhood Memories (Part 2)

I’ve already shared one of my interesting childhood story. Now I’m going to share my husband’s story.πŸ˜‰


Me: “What was your insteresting story again??”

Husband: “The stickers, remember?”

I was trying to remember but then I needed my husband to retell the story to refresh my memory.πŸ€”

This is what happened according to him:

He was at kindergarten at that time. Across there school was a store selling school supplies and variety of children stuff including the famous snacks with free sticker inside (which you could buy for only P1.00).

I also went to a public school when I was in kindergarten. That’s why I can say that most of the public schools including the stores across the street were pretty much the same.

Going back, their teacher adviced them not to cross the street no matter what happens. They’re only allowed to go when they have their guardians to accompany them. That’s for their own safety, of course. To prevent them from getting into an accident or anything bad to happen.

However, being kids those days and wanted to be up to date (because that’s the trend at that time) himself together with his classmate went to cross the street to buy the snacks with free stickers inside.

It was their recess at that time and their teacher saw them holding the snacks in their hands. Eventually, their teacher knew that they disobeyed what she have said and that made her a little upset. Well, I used to do that too. I was just lucky enough not to get caught. I guess my husband wasn’t that lucky.πŸ˜…

Their teacher made sure to give them a punishment. An interesting punishment I supposed.

Their teacher asked them why they did that. He answered it was because of the sticker that was included inside the snacks (given that it wasn’t available inside their school). Having heard that, their teacher had a brilliant idea of what their punishment was going to be and she made sure that it was something memorable.

Their teacher, asked them to give their stickers to her which they did. The next thing they knew, their teacher sticked it in each of their forehead and told them not to remove it until the next day of class.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Afraid to upset their teacher even more, he followed what she have said. His mom picked him up that afternoon and noticed the sticker on his forehead.

She told him he can remove it already (thinking that it looks a bit silly😭) but he refused. So they walked their way home with the sticker on his forehead where everybody could see and with his mom still wondering why.

They’ve already reached home, there his parents are still wondering what happened. So, they asked him and he told them everything from start to finish. They all had a laugh after figuring out and confirmed that the teacher didn’t mean what she said ‘literally’ instead she only wanted to teach him a lesson.

So, he learned his lesson from then on. Said, he no longer believe everything that he’s teacher was telling him.πŸ˜‚

Thanks for viewing everyone! πŸ˜‰
Have a nice day.😊


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