A Day Well Spent In Brisbane City: Three Days Before Christmas (Part 3)

Previous title: Our memorable walk in Brisbane City: Nearly two kilometers

Walking at night has never been so much fun until we head back to where we parked our car after watching the fireworks almost two kilometers away from South Bank (from my previous post Last Night In South Bank, Brisbane). Here are the reasons why I said so:

We saw the lights brought the city to life.
And who won’t notice this Ferris wheel standing tall and proud as the night highlights it’s beauty.
Where eveybody took a shot to remember how Brisbane is like at night.
And guess who waited until we cross the street.

The Artist.

Surrounded by those orange cones, he made a stage for himself. 

He stood there, patiently waiting for his audience…

He laid his art works flat upon Brisbane City floor,

While capturing the heart of his fellow artists.

He offered fifty dollars for one of his art work,

Such a huge discount for a real masterpiece.

He entertained his audience and introduced himself…

He said his arm was broken and he was lucky to have it.

He said he has to live with it…

Dumped his ex-girlfriend with it.

Now, he does his art with it…

And then I thought… Isn’t he wonderful?

A performer. An entertainer with a broken arm.

Most of all he is an artist.

And just in case anyone in Brisbane is interested in his art work, here’s how you can contact him.πŸ˜‰

We proceed with our walk and we saw these:

Meet Silver Steve. I remember we first saw him in Gold Coast when my mom and my brother visited us last Christmas, 2015. It’s good to see him once again.😊

Now, notice how far we are from the Christmas tree in this photo.πŸŽ„

Then, notice the crowd and the colorful buildingπŸ› (left side) as we go near…

And as we got there, all the families have gathered while watching the film by the use of projectors and this beautiful building. I think the story was about the true meaning of Christmas. We didn’t have much time since it was already late. Atleast, I had the chance to take some shots. 

But the families who have gathered there were amazing. I wish I could take a photo… Imagine the mom and dad along with their three kids watching attentively seating on the same position with their mouths open because of fascination. What a lovely view.😊

And here is the view as we got near the tree.β™₯️

We kept on walking until there’s not much to see…

We were sooo tired because we walked all day but the experience we’ve had was amazing. Who knows where we might be this time next year? Probably, somewhere else… But I’ll grateful enough to remember this wonderful Christmas memories…

Merry Christmas Everyone!😊β™₯οΈπŸŽ„



17 thoughts on “A Day Well Spent In Brisbane City: Three Days Before Christmas (Part 3)

  1. The city looks so nice at night with all the lights. The people all look like they are having a great time and in good mood for celebrating. It would be nice to walk around a place like that here, but there really isn’t one, and at this time of year it is freezing and cold. I want to be where it is warm.

    Liked by 1 person

    • maybe you could visit the philippines in the future😊 you might enjoy the summer where there’s a lot of resorts to choose from or you could just enjoy watching the sunset at the beach, just let me knowπŸ˜‰πŸ‘

      Liked by 1 person

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