When I first met you

I thought you were an angel in disguise

You made me feel welcomed

I was moved by your smile

Your words were made of calming lullabies

And so I gave you my trust with all of my heart

You made an illusion of a perfect friend

Ready to listen, all I need is say when

Your hugs and kisses felt warm and genuine

Your hospitality felt real and friendly

But as time goes by and your beauty has faded

What I thought was gold was fancy coated

I told you a secret, thought you can be trusted

But how classy you are when you’re so tackless

I looked up to you and you let me down

I thought you got everything, I was wrong, you want everything

I tremble everytime you I see you whisper

Your manipulative skills is truly a winner

Nevertheless, I admire you for it

But it’s a talent I wouldn’t dare master

You’re being nice scares me

I’d rather you curse in front of my face

Than be praised by your scandalous ways

Please stop, enough with your pretense

I hate you so much for all you care

Why not be real, show that you’re mean

Sugar-coated in front of many 

But your words reveal what you are for real

You purposely slashed me behind my back

For doing that I owe you a clap

I genuinely believed in you 

But you made me regret the day I know you.


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