Reminiscing My Mom And My Eldest Brother’s Visit From December 2015 To January 2016 (Part 2)

I’ve mentioned before that me and my husband were trying our best to find time to bond with my brother and my mom when they came to visit us. So, when we had the chance, we try to do as much as we can and show them around as much as possible.

These photos were taken 8th of January 2016 (exactly a year tomorrow) and everything happened in just one day. It was pretty tiring, I could compare it with the Amazing Race reality game show because we were rushing to go one place to another just to maximize the time and make our day worthwhile. Since the photos said it all, I guess I don’t have to say more. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

Our Brisbane experience with my brother and my mom.

The Art Gallery

The very first time we visited the Art Gallery. Actually, it was only during their visit that we also get to have our break since we came here to work. It seems like no point for us to roam around at all. We didn’t think of driving to Brisbane and explore until they gave us a reason, their visit. As always, the more the merrier. 😊

Wheel of Brisbane

Once again, our very first time to try this Ferris wheel. I actually felt scared at first then I got used to it after seeing the view. It was really nice. Thanks mom and kuya (brother) for the treat! We loved it! 😍

South Bank Parklands


Brisbane CBD

CityCat Trip

Another first time for all of us! Actually, we didn’t get to try it again after this. So, that makes it the first and only time that we tried the CityCat. We also just learned last December that there’s the CityHopper which is free. Nonetheless, we all enjoyed our more than one hour trip where we get to see the beauty of Brisbane in every angle. Thanks again mom! ❀️

After our CityCat Trip

Mt. Coot-tha Lookout

While the Wheel of Brisbane and the CityCat was new for me and my husband, Mt. Cootha-tha was not. So, this was our last stop where we bought some Chai latte which my brother didn’t like.πŸ˜… We were glad they enjoyed the over looking view of the city of Brisbane. We only stopped there for a few minutes and went to drive home.

That day was really tiring, I can also recall them asking why I always take photos even if I already have a lot. The answer is simple, not only that photos capture the moments but also, it brings back happy memories.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

“Let’s not forget to take a photo and capture a special moment in ourlives for we might not know when we’re going to find ourselves looking for it.” -Apple

Thanks everyone! πŸ’–


2 thoughts on “Reminiscing My Mom And My Eldest Brother’s Visit From December 2015 To January 2016 (Part 2)

  1. There’s so many places in the world to go, that I probably wont be able to, but thanks to you and other bloggers and the internet in general, I can see those places. It’s better though when you can share someones journey and communicate with them and friendships are developed. The world needs more of this, people communicating, and understanding each other. They would be more likely to do that if they got to know each other.

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