The Reason Why I Stopped Blogging For A Long Time And Why It’s Worth It

It’s been more than a year since my last personal blog post and I don’t know where to start after so many things that has happened but one experience that I won’t ever forget is my blog post entitled: Earlier At Table Top Mountain With My Father In Law.

You might find this post familiar if you have read it. It’s where I mentioned my amazing first-time experience in climbing a mountain. Where I also went crazy for wearing a funny pair of shoes and luckily survived.

Some of you might wonder what’s the relevance of that blog post to this particular blog but no worries, we’ll get there in no time.

So, in that blog post, my father-in-law is still with us (me and my husband) for a visit until it was time for us to say good-bye.

Going to the airport.

I can still remember us rushing to the airport without having breakfast (just a cup of coffee). I guess things are hard to forget when you’re feeling dizzy and needed to be at a certain place in a certain time. Well, in my case that is. Considering that our place was a two hour drive.

We were also getting hungry at that time. I remember ordering sushi and miso soup for us while waiting for my father-in-law’s flight. At our table were also a family waiting for their flight so we kind of had a little chat while waiting for the time.

Few more minutes after we ate, time came and my father-in-law needed to go. We said our good-byes and together, me and my husband watched his airplane fly.

I was still feeling dizzy.

After the plane left, my husband asked me if I wanted to go to Redcliffe since it’s near the airport and only a few minutes drive. I also wanted some fresh air so we both agreed to visit the place since it’s also our first time.

During that time I was starting to feel so uncomfortable. I remember my head felt like spinning and I felt like throwing up.

Then I thought, no doubt I was having a nausea.

Finally, we’ve reached Redcliffe.

This photo was taken January 15, 2017. Our first time visiting Redcliffe.

I can still recall the wind blowing to my face as I was trying to ease my dizziness away. Still, nothing happened and I feel the same.

Suddenly, the idea came in and the feeling was strong. My heart was pounding when I asked my husband for us to buy pregnancy test. His face turned bright as he was so surprised. I told him that all the symptoms were there, all we need is to try.

So, we went to a drug store nearby. There we asked for a pregnancy test kit. We even asked how accurate it is and the lady told us that it’s 99.9 percent accurate and we are satisfied.

The moment of truth.

I went to the mall to have the pregnancy test while my husband was waiting outside. I quickly went into the loo, I was so nervous until I saw two lines appearing right before my very eye!

I called my husband right away to deliver the good news and from that moment we celebrated with our hearts filled with joy and gladness.

Savouring the moment.

This photo was taken while we were sitting at the bench in Redcliffe’s jetty.


The view became extra special as we sit there with our joyful hearts. There’s no word to express how happy we are so we just sat there and feel the moment. Now, Redcliffe officially became one of our most memorable places.

I only had few photos since my phone’s memory was full at that time and only were able to take a few after I deleted some.

Still wondering what’s the relevance of my previous blog post to this particular post? Well, after we found out the good news we’ve learned from the doctor that I was already four weeks pregnant. That means I was already carrying our baby when I climbed the Table Top mountain! I don’t think it’s normal for a pregnant lady to climb a mountain but we did and for me that’s memorable considering I was wearing the wrong pair of shoes! One thing I’ll definitely share to my child one day. LOL.

Maybe you’re also wondering what’s the connection of this whole blog post to the title itself? The answer is… After we found out that we were pregnant that was also the time that we had to head back home which is the Philippines and we became so busy from there, the whole pregnancy itself and so many more that I wasn’t able to blog for the whole year and I almost didn’t notice it.

I guess I need not to explain why I said it was worth it… Simply because it is.

Thanks everyone! πŸ˜‰

***My very first personal blog post after a long time! So happy to be back! :-)***


Reminiscing My Mom And My Eldest Brother’s Visit From December 2015 To January 2016 (Part 2)

I’ve mentioned before that me and my husband were trying our best to find time to bond with my brother and my mom when they came to visit us. So, when we had the chance, we try to do as much as we can and show them around as much as possible.

These photos were taken 8th of January 2016 (exactly a year tomorrow) and everything happened in just one day. It was pretty tiring, I could compare it with the Amazing Race reality game show because we were rushing to go one place to another just to maximize the time and make our day worthwhile. Since the photos said it all, I guess I don’t have to say more. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

Our Brisbane experience with my brother and my mom.

The Art Gallery

The very first time we visited the Art Gallery. Actually, it was only during their visit that we also get to have our break since we came here to work. It seems like no point for us to roam around at all. We didn’t think of driving to Brisbane and explore until they gave us a reason, their visit. As always, the more the merrier. 😊

Wheel of Brisbane

Once again, our very first time to try this Ferris wheel. I actually felt scared at first then I got used to it after seeing the view. It was really nice. Thanks mom and kuya (brother) for the treat! We loved it! 😍

South Bank Parklands


Brisbane CBD

CityCat Trip

Another first time for all of us! Actually, we didn’t get to try it again after this. So, that makes it the first and only time that we tried the CityCat. We also just learned last December that there’s the CityHopper which is free. Nonetheless, we all enjoyed our more than one hour trip where we get to see the beauty of Brisbane in every angle. Thanks again mom! ❀️

After our CityCat Trip

Mt. Coot-tha Lookout

While the Wheel of Brisbane and the CityCat was new for me and my husband, Mt. Cootha-tha was not. So, this was our last stop where we bought some Chai latte which my brother didn’t like.πŸ˜… We were glad they enjoyed the over looking view of the city of Brisbane. We only stopped there for a few minutes and went to drive home.

That day was really tiring, I can also recall them asking why I always take photos even if I already have a lot. The answer is simple, not only that photos capture the moments but also, it brings back happy memories.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

“Let’s not forget to take a photo and capture a special moment in ourlives for we might not know when we’re going to find ourselves looking for it.” -Apple

Thanks everyone! πŸ’–

Reminiscing My Mom And My Eldest Brother’s Visit From December 2015 To January 2016 (Part 1)

Being far away from our families while we’re working overseas made us long for their presence especially during a special occasion. That’s why we made it our goal to invite them since we couldn’t come home. The best gift we could give ourselves after all our sacrifices and hard work.

I’ve also mentioned to one of my posts that I’m going to collect our happiest memories here in Australia before we leave and this post is going to be one of those. Here are some of our memorable photos together with my mom and my brother when they first came here in Queensland to celebrate Christmas (of 2015) and the New Year (of 2016) with us.πŸ’•

When we first picked them up from the airport, 17th of December 2015.
The time when we told them ‘dyan lang’ (means it’s just near) then we walked 1.3 kilometers away to reach our destination to buy some chicken from Nando’s. This photo was taken same day when we reached home from the airport. We were still residing in Herries St. at that time then going to Hume Street across Hooper Centre.πŸ˜…
We thank my brother for doing the change oil in our car. This photo was taken when we first brought him to Repco Auto Store, 20th of December 2015. Did I mention my brother is a great mechanic?πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
My brother’s first time at flea market, same day after Repco.
Mom playing with our neighbour’s friendly dog, Rusty. You’ll know when Rusty wants to play. He’ll bark to get your attention and bring the ball near the fence so you can reach it and throw it. Such a wonderful dog. This photo was taken 23rd of December 2015.
My little gifts that Christmas. This photo was taken 24th of December since I have to work the night shift on Christmas Day while my husband have to work during the day.
Mom brought us heaps of gifts and ‘pasalubong’ for Christmas and my birthday. Thanks Ma! We appreciate it so much!❀️
Their first time in Inala wet and dry market. This photo was taken 28th of December 2015.
Sorry, this photo was taken 30th of December 2015 so it’s no longer Boxing Day rather the extention of it where almost every store were still on sale. I actually came from the night shift that morning. Then we all just met in Grand Central so we could have our bonding somehow.😊
When we drove around for fresh air. This photo was taken 31st of December 2015 before my birthday and big brother didn’t come. We guessed he was homesick, missing his family back home. ;-(
Our simple New Year and my birthday celebration. This photo was taken 31st of December, before 2015 said good bye where we watched the fireworks to welcome 2016 on television.πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰
And this was a selfie initiated by my brother. It doesn’t happen all the time so treasure the moment. This photo was taken 17th of December 2015, dinner time. I’ve just found it.πŸ˜‰

It was a bit challenging to juggle our schedule and showing them around. I was doing the night shift at that time while my husband was working the during day time. Also, there were times that I was working the weekends while my husband was working fixed on weekdays. I also get some call-ins when someone from work got sick. So, I really don’t have fixed schedules. I’m glad we managed it somehow.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ’•

Thanks for your patience with my posts everyone, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.❀️

Celebrating The New Year (Part 1)

It was December 31, 2016.

We drove to Brisbane to watch the fireworks once again. This time we decided to stay for the night and rent a place where we can leave the car so we can roam around and ride the bus on our way back.

Going to South Bank, can’t help but notice this cute little guy on our left. πŸ™‚

We left at half past one so we’ve reached the place at nearly four in the afternoon. Just in time to roam around Brisbane before the fireworks show. We were deciding at that time which would be better: Roam around the city or head straight to South Bank. We chose to go straight to South Bank.

There we bought some hotdogs for our snacks and cold softdrinks to quench our thirst. Since we still got a lot of time before the show, we then decided to ride the CityHopper where it’s FREE.😊

Click link for details:

Aside from the ride is free, we get to enjoy the sight before the sun goes down.

This is also our first time to try the CityHopper and we really enjoyed it. We were sitting up stairs where there was no roof so we got to see the whole place. All the people were taking photos to the point that they were standing up just to get the most picturesque view until the officer in charge came by to announce that it was prohibited and everyone who won’t follow will have to go downstairs where there’s not much view. Oh, did I mention that they also have CCTV?πŸ˜‰

And for the most beautiful part of our trip where the city comes to life at night and everything becomes romantic. Here comes the sunset view.❀️

Our trip has ended and I think it was quarter to eight at that time. The fireworks starts at half past eight so we went to look for a perfect spot. I forgot to tell that there were two (ten minutes) fireworks shows that have taken place. First one was around half past eight and the other one was migdnight. Since it was our first time to experience the New Year in (South Bank) Brisbane, we decided to watch both. So lucky!

We were all starving after the fireworks show so we decided to look for a place to have our dinner. There were lots of places to choose from but only one of them offers rice. That’s right, RICE. I’m a rice person and my main meal won’t be the same without it. We walked the whole place just to find rice. We wanted to try something else but still we ended up to the same fast-food restaurant that we’ve tried before (the very first time we went to South Bank). Not my favourite but it’s not that bad. I love their dim sim with sweet chilli or soy sauce.

We were so full after we ate. We still got almost three hours before midnight but since it was so crowded we decided to walk our way and find our spot before we run out. A lot has happened with more than two hours waiting time but what we enjoyed during that time was watching the crowd. There, we saw a cute pair of twins, beautiful couples, wonderful families and pretty ladies with an hour glass shaped body. In case you’re wondering… We’re not perverts or anything like that, we only appreciate beauty.πŸ˜…

So much for waiting. Let the countdown begin in 3, 2, 1…

It’s just sad because of too much photos I wasn’t able to take some more using my phone. I think I have over 6,000 photos and over a hundred videos that I still need to transfer soon…

Going back, it was already midnight and the fireworks show have started. That’s when my husband greeted me a Happy Birthday together with my father-in-law and I greeted them a Happy New Year in return. We were all so joyful as we watched with our mouths wide open while I let my husband took photos and videos. He was still recording when he gave me his gift. I don’t know when he bought it since we’re always together probably when he bought some of our out of stock groceries and I was touched. He never fail to surprise me.πŸ’–

This ring was my husband’s gift unfortunately it didn’t fit, it made me laugh, it has a funny story on it. ^__^

The fireworks lasted for only ten minutes but that was the best ever I’ve seen (in person) in my whole life! I was also thinking about my Dad. What would it be like if only he was here celebrating with us but I think his view was far better than ours. Since he was watching the fireworks from above. I was also thinking as I looked up, maybe he’s also smiling as he was watching over us.πŸ˜‡

It was time to go home.

We walked with the crowd until we’ve reached the bus station. I promise, I’ve never seen anything like it aside from our country before I went here. 

It took some time before we catched our bus but the best thing was: IT WAS FREE! We didn’t know until the people in charge told us. Truly, Australian government is generous to their people. Cheers to Austrailian Government! I wish we have this in our country every once in a while. I’m sure we will all be happy.😊

I was ready for bed when my husband caught me yawning…

We’ve finally reached our destination. A little walk and we were there (the place we rented). It wasn’t a hotel nor a motel but a flat where you can rent a vacant room just for the time being or an occasion. Once again, it was our first time. I can say it’s perfect for people who travelled far and don’t want to spend too much. It was actually nice and comfy. Most of all, it’s neat and tidy. Enough to make our stay feels like we’re home away from home. We also didn’t have to worry since they also have ratings and feedback from previous travellers that we can rely on (it’s very legal like uber). It was a lovely experience all in all.❀️❀️❀️

Thanks for viewing everyone! πŸ˜‰

Celebrating The New Year (Part 2)

It was January 1, 2017. Finally.πŸ’–

We woke up at 7 o’clock. I didn’t have much sleep. We call it ‘namamahay’ in our country. When you’re new to a place and you couldn’t sleep. We were all awake yet we all stayed in bed for a little bit. Then my father-in-law received a call from his brother who was so excited to greet everybody a happy new year. That’s when we all started to move.

My husband prepared our Chai Latte. We ate our dim sim that we bought for take away the other night and there we had our breakfast. We then started to prepare for our next destination, Surfer’s Paradise. It’s going to be my father-in-law’s first time and we wouldn’t want to miss it for anything.

We started to pack our stuff and made sure that we leave the place as neat and tidy as we first seen it.πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

We drove to Gold Coast after everything was good. We left the flat at nearly half past ten. We parked the car, stroll a little, then we look for a place to have our lunch. I don’t know why but it’s always challenging to find a place to eat especially with the ones that offers rice. 

Although there’s a lot of choices at the Coast maybe it’s the decision making that makes it hard especially when there’s more people involved in it. We finally found a place which was “This” restaurant, where we waited forever before our food has been served. What a terrible experience.😭😭😭

Moving on, we started our stroll after we ate and we’re glad that my father-in-law enjoyed his first time in Surfer’s Paradise. We’re really there to show him the place.πŸ˜‰

We felt the summer heat later on so we bought some icecream. Then we sat on a bench under the tree in front of Cotton On boutique. After gaining our strength and we’re good to go again we went to buy some souvenirs for my father-in-law’s home coming.πŸ’

I’ve also seen something that I really like but since it’s a bit costly I had to fight my urge to buy it. It hurts but I managed to walk away. I’m so proud of myself.😊

It was already three in the afternoon. My father-in-law promised his friend’s daughter that we’ll give her a visit, so we did. It’s for the package she wanted to send her sibling when my father-in-law comes home. And there she prepared a lovely treat.

A friendship that goes a long way…

She made us feel welcomed and we had a long chat. She even prepared a little something for us.

She learned it was my birthday and she greeted me with a hug.

The food was nice and we appreciate her effort. I admire her hospitality, she’s a good host.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

Meet Shela and her dog Pepper. πŸ™‚

We ended our visit with greetings and smile on our faces. Then we drove home for almost three hours and that’s how we celebrate our New Year’s Day.πŸ’–πŸ’•

I wanted to spend my birthday differently however, I’ve never celebrated it the way I picture it to be.πŸ˜… I guess, it doesn’t matter so long as everybody’s happy.πŸ˜‰ As for me, I have to wait another year to celebrate it as I wish… Atleast, my wish to see the fireworks has been granted!😊

Thanks everyone! πŸ˜‰

My Last Post Before My Special Day Ends

A lot has happened since we left our unit yesterday morning. We just got home ten minutes before 9 o’clock tonight. I think I slept for almost an hour or two while we were on our way home, lucky I can still make this post.

I feel so tired yet I’m trying my best to remember everything we’ve done since yesterday morning. It feels like there’s a lot. I guess, I have a lot going in my mind. However, my eyes are closing on its own, my whole body aches, and my fingers feel sore. I don’t know until when I could keep on typing without my phone falling flat to my face.

I just want to say I am happy on this special day. Still, I wasn’t able to celebrate my birthday the way I wish it to be but I’m happy anyway, I chose to. 😊

Happy New Year once again everyone πŸ˜‰

And A Happy 30th Birthday To Myself πŸ™‚

Who’s Happy This New Year?! I Am Happy This New Year!

Before anything else: Happy New Year Everyone!!! 😊

Thank you for the gift of 1,000 likes in my blog. I’ve just received the notification earlier before the fireworks starts and it really warms my heart. It means so much. Thanks guys. ❀️❀️❀️

You might think that my title for this post is so selfish of me but not really. I’m just really so happy and here’s why…

Today, is also my 30th birthday. So, while everyone was shouting Happy New Year while we were watching the fireworks’ finale in South Bank, my husband was shouting: “Happy Birthday Apple!” That’s when I replied: “Happy New Year,” with a smile.😊

Now, that’s already a double celebration for me but not only that because it’s also my nephew’s birthday. Then, it would be my mom’s and my brother’s birthday in a few weeks time. So, there will be four of us who will celebrate our birthdays for this month of January. Isn’t it a blessing?😊

I have a lot to be thankful for but to sum it up: I want to thank God for adding another year into my life. Another chance. Another start. Although, it sounds like I’m going to write something about my new year’s resolution, I’m sorry guys, I am not. I don’t have one.πŸ˜…

I have made a lot of mistakes from the past which I truly regret and this day somehow reminds me of it. In a good way.

It made me realized to forgive myself. For all the things I’ve done wrong and remind myself that I’m only human. That my capabilities are limited and I wasn’t exempted in commiting mistakes. Also, forgive others who have hurt me from the past because just like the rest of us, they’re only being human. I think that’s the best gift I could ever give to myself and I know that you all agree.πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

Being 30 made me feel a bit more matured. There are things that don’t matter that matters now and things which matter before but not anymore. 

I’ve experienced it all when I was young: Lots of gifts, greeting cards, letters, ‘ampao’ or money, and even a little celebration with friends. It became my basis if my Christmas is Merry and if my New Year is happy. Until things have changed when I was growing up. 

I realized that material things can’t make people happy. Could be but we’ll lose it eventually. Now that I’m 30, I’ve learned to be content with what I have, with what is, and what’s not. 

I’ve also learned to acknowledge myself for the things I’ve done no matter how big or small the achievement would be as long as I give my best and dedicate myself into it. It doesn’t matter if nobody gives a ‘you know’ about it. Trust and affirmation to ourselves is very important. Most of all, I’ve learned to aknowledge my worth. Most especially when I feel not to. I must stand for myself. No one else would.

Also, being content with what I have makes me happy. It reminds me that I need not to please anybody. That I’m free to be me and I could always choose to be happy under any the circumstance. 

Lastly, I’ve learned not to depend my happiness to people. People leave, no matter what and people change as time pass by. We don’t know when they’re going to disappoint us or let us down. Still, the best to trust and depend on is God Himself alone.❀️

Happy New Year Everyone!!! God bless!!! πŸ˜‰