Heaven Sent

From not knowing how

You suddenly came

My world has changed

My sorrows have fade

Your little hand

Caresses my soul

Your stare says it all

You lift up my spirit

Yes, From you I gather my strength

Your innocence

Such loving kindness

Your gentleness

Reassures the future

Need not to worry

Whatever the uncertainty

For you are now by me.



When I first met you

I thought you were an angel in disguise

You made me feel welcomed

I was moved by your smile

Your words were made of calming lullabies

And so I gave you my trust with all of my heart

You made an illusion of a perfect friend

Ready to listen, all I need is say when

Your hugs and kisses felt warm and genuine

Your hospitality felt real and friendly

But as time goes by and your beauty has faded

What I thought was gold was fancy coated

I told you a secret, thought you can be trusted

But how classy you are when you’re so tackless

I looked up to you and you let me down

I thought you got everything, I was wrong, you want everything

I tremble everytime you I see you whisper

Your manipulative skills is truly a winner

Nevertheless, I admire you for it

But it’s a talent I wouldn’t dare master

You’re being nice scares me

I’d rather you curse in front of my face

Than be praised by your scandalous ways

Please stop, enough with your pretense

I hate you so much for all you care

Why not be real, show that you’re mean

Sugar-coated in front of many 

But your words reveal what you are for real

You purposely slashed me behind my back

For doing that I owe you a clap

I genuinely believed in you 

But you made me regret the day I know you.

I Couldn’t Write!

Pleanty of things

need to be done

so little time

I couldn’t have

the chance

I have a lot to say

but words

just don’t stay

What a shame

this isn’t

a game

From thoughts


life and


Words come


like water



I love the

irony which

result to 

the contrary

When I 

feel the 

passion and

it’s far



Just keep on


until you

let it

all out

Let your 


drive you out 

from your 



are you scared




Just keep 

on writing

find your 

way out

of your 




if poetry is just a state of emotion
then how could all of these words matter
if those words are just temporary feelings
and were meant to be forgotten

is it really just a state of emotion
or the reality of who we are
the constant flow of words longing to be heard
and the undying need to vent it out

My Interrupted Sleep

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning…

I woke up with my lower back hurting.

Thanks to my husband,

he stole my blanket…

Now my brain started working.

What a waste,

I know I should grab this chance.

It’s just that I rarely sleep

without the sun.

That’s why I’d rather close my eyes

before my sleepy head is gone.