Tips For Making A Good Decision 

We’ve been through a lot of decision making lately. All of them were major decisions that will definitely have a big impact in our lives in the near future. That’s also why we have to be really careful about it. There are few things that we already have made our decision and there are still some things that we have to finalize and think about. Having said so, I want to share with you some ideas which we find really helpful when making a decision:

  • Never make a decision based on our emotions – There are times that we have to make a major decision but relying on our emotion is definitely not an option. Our feelings change base on our situation while decisions we make have long term permanent result. This is where we have to face the consequence if we made a mistake. It’s because some of our decision lead us to something that we have to live up to for the rest of our lives. One good example of which is getting married. Now, that’s only one example and there are still a lot more like: Investing into a business, buying a house, and so on and so forth. So when it comes to serious matters like these, it’s always better to be wise and think about it a thousand times. If we don’t, chances are: We’ll end up in a trap and regret it for the rest of our lives.
  • Never jump into a decision just because somebody told you or just to please that somebody – Some people give us advice when we’re facing difficult situation. It maybe a family member, a relative, or a friend. It’s actually good because they’re showing their concern and want only what’s best for us. However, we also need to keep in mind that their advice serves only as our guide to come up with a much better decision. At the end of the day, it will still be ‘us’ who will celebrate the result of our good decision or suffer the consequences if we made a mistake. 
  • Never make a decision in a rush or in a hurry – Good decision making requires a lot of critical thinking. Therefore, we have to give ourselves enough time to do everything we could to come up with a good conclusion. Let’s do our research, ask for advice, learn from people who already went through the same situation that we currently have. While learning from our own experience is good, it is much wiser to learn from others’. That way we don’t have to commit the same mistake. Also, weigh things over and consider the pros and cons of the decision we’re about to make. Let’s be reminded that what lies ahead depends on our decision and most of the best results come from thorough deliberation. For us to do it we need to give ourselves enough time.
  • Practice brainstorming while in the process of decision making – We often hear the saying that ‘two is better than one’ and it’s also true when it comes to decision making. Most of the times we decide for ourselves alone. However, there are times that the result isn’t the way we’re expecting it to be. That is why brainstorming works. This is where we could throw and answer questions with each other, exchange opinion and generate ideas which we couldn’t do if we’re on our own. We could either do this with participation of our family, relatives, friends, or our partner (husband/wife) and this is where the ‘what ifs’ come in. Also, this is where we discuss all the possible results we could get from a certain decision. Where we weigh in our options and priorities, and determine if our decision is timely for us (considering our current situation). From there, we could choose which decision is best suitable for us and there would be a bigger chance for us to make the right decision. Sometimes, if we’re really lucky, our chance of doing it right may even be precise.
  • Clear your mind before making a decision – There are times that we have a lot in mind while we’re in the middle of decision making. It might be our deadline at work (or school project maybe), personal problem, and other issues in life that we need to face. If we’re in this situation, we have to take a deep breath, relax, and set our issues aside. Let’s think of our decision making as our profession, where we don’t mix our personal issues and work together. Going into a nice and quiet place also helps. Then, we can move on and sit down to think about what to decide. The reason for this is to avoid confusion and to have a clear view of our current situation that is important for us to make the right decision. One good comparison of this is decluttering our home. This is where we remove unneccesary items to have a better view of the place and to make neccesary things easier to for us to access.

And that’s all for now for this post…

I hope these tips help someone whose in the middle of dicision making today. 🙂

Thanks for viewing everyone. Have a nice day! 😉


A Little Bit Of Kindness Goes A long Way

img_4817Kindness. Such a positive word which I think is very rare nowadays. Would you agree? How many among us would be willing to get out of our way whenever we see someone who needs our help? Especially if his or her needs isn’t our priority and would even delay us from completing whatever it is that we need to do.

Most of the time, we plan our itinerary early on for the whole week just to make sure that we stay on the right track and some of us would even try their best to stick with it. Which make the chances more slim for us to reach out and extend our hands to the needy.

We can observe that it’s already been part of the norm. It happens every once in a while and we all experienced to have the chance to help but we chose not to for a lot of justifiable reasons. Having said so, what makes our reason justifiable also makes it reasonable. Making it a strong ground for us to have a good excuse which also set us free from the guilt of our chosen decision.

What’s bothering is when we think that it’s okay. I’m not only referring about us getting out of our way to help others for sometimes we really can’t and however we feel sorry about not being able to help, there are times that we just can’t. I’m referring to those times that we can and we are able to reach out but we chose not to, thinking that it’s okay. Truth is, it’s not.

Sometimes we’re not aware that we can express our kindness simply by doing the right thing at the right time and we don’t even have to wait for it because the right time is now. That’s right fellows, we can help in our own little way all we need to have is the desire to do it.

I believe that each and everyone of us are connected and the act of kindness that we do for one person could easily spread like a disease. If we could only stop being a narcissist and think about others before ourselves then this world would be a much better place to live in. Don’t you think?

One good example is what I’ve observed from work. Our building was designed like a huge maze. People who visit come and go including the staff running around to do their tasks and for an establishments as busy as ours sometimes it’s inevitable to find rubbish on the floor like candy wrapper, piece of paper, and even used gloves.

Of course, we also have our own hierarchy. There’s the owner, the managers, supervisor, staff, maintenance, cleaners, kitchen people, and the ones in charge in the laundry. Each of us have our own designated task to finish. However, teamwork is being encouraged and cooperation from everyone is very much appreciated. Who won’t, right?

Imagine a staff member while running around saw a few candy wrappers on the floor, she picked them up and threw them into the bin. It won’t take a minute for her to do that but she already helped the cleaner who’s being called to clean the mess in one of the resident’s room.

Now, being able to come on time, the cleaner was able to help the staff who needed her inside the room as soon as possible for she also have to attend the laundry as the clothes were piling up and that’s to help the night staff finish the laundry in case the shift gets busy.

At the laundry, the staff member found the supervisor who just happened to pass by and noticed that the laundry was already piling up. The supervisor already started putting the clothes into the washing machines and some into the dryers until she came. Enough for her to make the laundry ready for the night staff and move on to her next task.

All the staff members finished their tasks on time and everything was ready for the hand-over when the night staff arrive. Since, all went well during the day time, the night staff also started the shift well. They don’t need to do extra task that hasn’t been done by the previous shift simply because everybody helped everyone and everything else was done.

The night became very busy for the night staff because of all the pages coming from different residents who need their assistance. However, the night staff still finished all their tasks especially the laundry which is very important for the residents. Thanks to the supervisor and staff members who helped out each other.

Now, this is only one example and I’m pretty sure that you guys can add some more. We also know for a fact that this doesn’t only apply at work and our colleagues alone, it applies to every place that we could reach and it applies to us all.

It is also not rocket science to understand these things what’s challenging is to have the heart to do it. In this scenario we just proved that kindness, no matter how big nor small goes a long way and have a ripple effect which could lead from either a positive or negative result. No matter what result… It’s up for us to choose.

My Husband’s Persuasive Speech Assignment (Diamonds Are Forever) Back in College Found Burried In One Of His Desktop’s Folders

All credits from this post goes to My Husband: Hack Alvarez.

Couldn’t help but share his wonderful writing.

Back in high school, I had a crush on my classmate sitting right in front of me. She’s probably the most famous girl in our campus because even elementary boys would court her. One day, I decided to test my luck by courting her. Well, the luck seemed to favor me. For just a bunch of flowery words, a handful of confidence and a 40 peso, buy-one take one diamond ring, she became my instant girlfriend after my proposal. Because of that ring, I become a legend among my classmates.  Enough with the puppy love story, lets talk about the diamond which I have mentioned a while ago. But one that I would be talking is not just like those 40 peso-diamond ring which is actually made from glassware but from simple carbon material very much similar to those you see in the tip of your pencils. Scientists were now able to create diamonds from these carbon materials, thanks to the technological advancement in metallurgy, the science of materials processing. The principle to make these diamonds is the same as the natural method; the only difference is that they are made inside the laboratories. They would put a million pounds of pressure or imagine a 70-ton building pounding a grain of carbon the size of a needle head inside a ceramic chamber. This method is called the high pressure, high temperature or simply the HTPT method. They have been studying and developing this method for over the last half century and has improved the quality of the diamonds ever since. You would not dare tell the difference between the natural and these synthetic ones because even the experts would not tell either. Synthetic and natural diamonds possess the same chemical, physical and optical properties. This is the reason why some experts suggest that synthetic diamonds are not considered as fake diamonds at all. In the U.S., studies have showed that people would prefer to buy these man-made diamonds rather than the natural ones because they are almost 70% less expensive than the latter.

Nowadays, scientists have seen the real significance of these future “diamonds” in the semiconductor industry. Recently, they have discovered that these diamonds would soon replace silicon chips for computers. Since diamonds can tolerate very high temperature, they would be able to transmit large amount of data in very small dimensions. You are probably familiar with the memory capacity of computers or much simpler your flash drives. They would either be in the megabytes and the gigabytes or recently out in the market is the terabytes of hard drive memories. Well, experts believed that if they could make nanotransistors from these diamonds, they would be able to make pentabytes of memory. That’s a thousand terabytes or a million gigabytes! You would not worry about saving all the possible files you could save.

We could not possibly tell the potentials of these diamonds, but because of the technologies present we might be able to make something good from them. A famous advertising slogan for diamonds would tell that “diamonds are forever”, and at last it came true.

For those who read & appreciates this post,

Thank you All! 😊


Special Thanks to My husband for allowing me to share this.♥️♥️♥️

Courtesy and Credits to: Hack Alvarez

Cheers! 😉

My Open ‘Thank You’ Letter

To the ones who visit my blog...
To the ones who read my writings...
To the ones who likes and appreciates...
To the ones who followed applebitsblog...

"My Heartfelt THANK YOU to you ALL."

Applebitsblog is a product of thoughts I can't utter
Here I can express bits and pieces of me
Without feeling judged, degraded, and being treated as a joke
Every word I write is like a thorn being pulled inside my throat
It gives me the chill, excitement, and peace of mind
With just the thought of finishing every poem
At first I write just to express and seize the writing I gave birth
As time passed by, little by little
Me, making baby steps being a newbie into the bloggers world
The excitement I felt turned into a passion
Not only to share but also to inspire and touch lives
But, all of these are IMPOSSIBLE without ALL of YOU
It doesn't matter whether there's one or two
Who visits, reads, appreciates, and follows my blog
As long as there's someone who reads and listens to my writings
That alone is enough to encourage me and inspire me to keep on writing
For me you guys are my bloodline, my silent listeners, and friends from afar
I may not know you by name, in person, or by heart
I feel your presence every time I see one 
Who visits, reads, appreciates, and follows my blog
It touches my heart, puts a smile on my face, and most of all...
Gives power to my engine, ink to my pen, power to my thoughts,
And feelings to my words
THANK YOU ALL for being there
I may not know you personally but I just want to let you know
That no matter what situation you are in, wherever this blog finds you
Please remember that YOU are AWESOME and WONDERFULLY MADE
And sometimes though you may not know 
YOU Made another person's life joyful and meaningful in your own little way
And to all the INTROVERT Bloggers like me, let's keep on writing
And continue to be one of the positive products of our thoughts we can be :-)
So just before I end this post, Again, I just want to say THANK YOU EVERYONE!
YOU ARE AWESOME! We ALL are... :-)

Why Apple? Why NOT?

They call me Apple
From the day I was born
It's not unusual to where I grew up
They say it all started when they saw me cry
Deep red cheeks that looks so ripe
So I got the name I grew up with
But with paper it's different
A name that's ordinary
But unfamiliar to me
Who is to blame they all asked
It was my eldest brother's bright idea
What's up with the name
Again and again
No worries I said
I got used to it as time passed by
One day a friend of a relative once said
You're lucky with your nickname
Thank the person who gave it to you
Then I thought of my brother
The relative's friend continued
She said my life is full of misseries
And my nickname gave a balance on it
That's interesting I said to myself
Time passed by a lot has happened
The mystery whether it's true remained as it is
What's up with the name
Here we go again
I flew to a foreign land
Carrying the name I grew up with
At first it seems normal
But as I go places 
And meet the locals
What seems to be normal went unusual
I then had a job
Which name do you prefer they all asked
My answer is simple I said it's Apple
Their eyes went big
Then one resident asked
Did you give that name to yourself
To my surprise I answered with laughter
Then I report to work each day
Why the name
What was your mother even thinking
That's easy to remember
That's unusual
Now what's normal became peculiar
It's a bit annoying somehow
Their curiosity grew
Throwing questions and jokes everywhere
What's up with the name
I no longer answer
It was half of the year
They no longer ask
Again it feels unusual
I got used to them asking why Apple
I guess I have to get used to them asking no more
And they all call me Apple.

Our First Visit to Mt. Coot-ah

It’s very rare for me and my husband to have the same rest day that’s why we’re so happy whenever our shifts are the same. Last Saturday the 5th of December 2015, we had our chance to go to Brisbane.

Before that, I received a call from work asking if I could come to cover the morning shift. I had to say no to be with my husband that day, I know he was longing for it for some time and I don’t want to let him down.

It was nine in the morning when we left home. The sun was bright and shining while we both enjoy a nice conversation in the car. Our first stop was at the nearest gasoline station. My husband filled the gasoline tank while I got myself a cappuccino and two watermelon flavored lollies for each of us.

We left the gasoline station and head back to our destination. There’s nothing more calming than listening to the radio while we enjoy our conversation. We talked about a lot of things like our plans in the future, our families, and where we want to stay in the long run.

Our second stop is in Inala. The famous Asian wet and dry market. There we bought some fresh seafood, meat, fruits, and vegetables. It’s only a thirty minute drive from our destination to Brisbane.

After we had everything we need we bought some ice at Woolworth’s to keep our meat and seafood fresh all day. Then we ate at our favorite Vietnamese Restaurant for lunch. We ordered two noodle soup, fried chicken and some veggies on the side.

It’s a yummy treat! We both enjoyed our food. Our tummy are full and we’re ready to hit the road. We head back to the car, opened the trunk and put the ice together with all the meat and seafood into the ice box. When we’re all set me and my husband went for the drive again.

It didn’t took us long to reach our first stop in Brisbane. We first visited this mall, I forgot what it’s called but we went for a little stroll. I was looking for a gem stone store until this lovely young lady approached us and gave us two small free sachets of hand lotion.

She was so pleasant and was hard to refuse to. She started introducing their beauty products which are very costly. She was so nice it became difficult for us to turn her down. However, she ended up buying my husband’s excuse that we need to meet someone and we really have to go.

Because of that our ordinary stroll turned into a refreshing experience. It’s like a breath of fresh air since it was our first time to experience hard selling while strolling inside the mall. We won’t forget her though, we think she’s an Israeli. A very pleasant young lady.

After that, we went for another drive and the challenge was to find a spot where we could park. It took us a dizzy fifteen minutes before we’ve parked.

So, we strolled again. This time my husband bought himself a pair of sandals at Sketcher’s. It was twenty percent off and we’re so happy with the discount. Then I told him I also want to buy a little something for myself before we go home.

We kept on walking until we saw a Gong-cha franchise. We felt so excited because that’s one of our favorite tea drink in the Philippines. We ordered one Lychee Oolong tea for my husband and one Winter-melon tea latte for me. We stayed there until we finished our drinks.

We kept on looking for a gem stone store but we haven’t find one so we ended up looking at Judy’s jewelry shop where they have discounts from twenty to fifty percent off. There I found this tiny extremely thin Korean ring. The owner said it’s the latest fashion design in Korea at present.

It’s a .925 sterling silver ring coated in fourteen carat gold with a tiny ruby stone. It’s so cute! I love it so much! It’s thirty percent off but the owner gave me another three dollar off the price so we can make a deal and I got the ring!

Both me and my husband are happy but before our day ended my husband thought of a place where we could spend few hours to see the sunset and the whole city of Brisbane. From there, we decided to drive straight to Mount Coot-ha.

I took few pictures on our way to the mountain and it’s really something else. It gives a very calming and relaxing feeling as we get closer.

We parked the car a few meters away from the cafe and the restaurant. In between them is a path going down a big patio where we saw people celebrating a wedding. It was perfect for the occasion.

We walked around and took some photos. It won’t take long before the sunset. I felt hungry so we went to the cafe. My husband ordered Chai latte, orange soda, and some wedges for some snack.

We waited for the sunset. So we sat there while we were eating and chatting. There are lots of multi-cultural people coming and as the sun slowly disappears those glittery lights from afar were stealing the scene.

After we finished our food we went uphill where we took our last view. Me and my husband took each other’s photo to capture the scenery behind. Then we had to ask a tourist to take a photo of us together for the last time. It was also our only whole body photo taken that whole time.

It was time for us to go home but the memories we had there for the first time will remain in us as we go along and we’re definitely coming back soon!



My Prayer

Heavenly Father,

Thank You so much for the lives that we have including our families and the ones we love. Thank You for Your forgiveness, guidance, and protection. For so many chances that You’ve given us each time we failed, for all the answered prayers, unlimited blessings and opportunities that we have received, we thank You for all of these things.

Sorry for all the things I’ve done wrong intentionally or not. For all the pain I’ve caused You, my parents, my siblings, my nephews and nieces, my husband and other people too. For all the negative things that came across my mind and all of those bad words that came out of my mouth. For I still mess up with things that I already should know. For I sometimes forgot my purpose and let You down. For I complain to things that don’t really matter. For the promises I failed to keep and for everything I’ve made and have sinned, I’m sorry, please forgive me.

I have more than enough now than before. Even more than what I’ve prayed for. I have a wonderful loving husband every wife would be dreaming to have. We make a very good team and he’s the very best friend I was looking for. We’re blessed with wonderful jobs and we stay in a comfortable unit in a very nice location. We enjoy the beautiful sight of these amazing parks and breathe the perfume scent of those blooming flowers. We live far from our families but we’re grateful knowing that You always keep them safe. These things are more than what I’ve dreamed of and I want to Thank You Lord. You are ever faithful. You’re my most faithful Friend and I am more than blessed to put my trust and confidence in You.

I believe I am now in the beginning of my journey. After all the trials and challenges, You gave me the chance to start again without further judgement but pure hope. I know I can’t do this on my own. I can’t do it alone. So, I humble myself and ask for Your help. Please let me do it right this time with Your guidance and my faith in You. Let my life be born again and make it whole and new.

All I wish for in life are simple things, things that money can’t buy and if the heavens would grant it, we would be grateful for a child. A normal everyday family life. Full of happiness and contentment. Living in a home filled with laughter where we love and accept each other. In each family member we find true friend and a confidant who practice tact and truth. However, if we’re blessed with good friends outside the family then quantity doesn’t matter. A few real ones would do.

I pray to live a full life with no regrets and hate. To be a good wife, a good mother, to serve my family and be a good influence to others that’s who I want to be. I want to add deeper meaning into why I want to live and at the same time fill life with happy memories while I still do exist. I want to bring happiness in all of my loved ones and uplift their spirits especially the young ones who are still molding their lives.

I pray to serve others, inspire them and turn all my negative experiences to an opportunity to help them. Be an example that there’s purpose after every circumstance. That people can be anything who they want to be in-spite and despite of what happened in their lives. That they possess good qualities way better than what they think they have.

I pray to take up Psychology in the future. Take master’s degree and be a doctor. Help others pick up the pieces of themselves. Help them move on, live, and let live.

I pray to put up a charity named after my father in which we can help less fortunate children to study and achieve their future goals and dreams.

I pray to make my mom proud that she raised a good daughter. Remind her that all of her good teachings are never forgotten and I became the person she always prayed for me to be.

I pray to travel the world and collect priceless memories. All of the experiences we do for the very first time and to see the beauty of the world in our very own eyes.

I have so much in mind that I still wanted to do, yet, I know that these are meaningless if they’re not meant for You. So I dedicate them to You. Make me Your servant, that in anything I do it’s only You I please not anyone else and especially not myself. Make all of my intentions pure and guide me all through out.

Nobody knows what the future brings but I put my confidence in You and before I end up with my prayer I entrust us all with You. Please continue to guide and protect us in every step of our way no matter where and what we do.

In Jesus Mighty Name I Pray,